A Stimulating Collection Of Blogposts

Dick Pelletier (aka ‘futuretalk’) maintains a blog over at www.betterhumans.com, that’s basically about “Our Technological Future”. And that just so happens to be the name of the blog you’re reading right now. 😉

Dick’s writings are, just like Ian Pearson’s, completely devoid of any argument for why our future might pan out as he describes. But don’t be too quick to dismiss Dick Pelletier as naive and over-optistic… whenever I ask him to provide sources for his claims, he’s always able to provide them. The guy certainly has done his research.

The future scenario’s about which he writes are quite consistent with the ones that other futurologists (Kurzweil, Pearson, people on Singularity fora, etc.) predict. Dick has written about topics such as:

  • Nanotechnology’s impact in the near future
  • Healthcare in 2020
  • Memory drugs
  • The future of the Internet
  • Artificial life
  • Uploading
  • Human-machine mergers
  • Physical immortality
  • Artificial wombs
  • Chip implants to allow control of machines
  • Robots
  • Autonomous cars
  • Telepresence
  • Gene therapy
  • The Singularity

And probably much more…

Even though Dick Pelletier has the tendency to fall into repetition from time to time, his blogposts still make for a stimulating, feel-good sort of read.

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