Nanocells Hitting Cancer Hard… And Targeted

Anybody who is familiar with nanotechnology, knows that this technology has the capability to enhance our products and systems many-a-thousand-fold. Nanotechnology allows for the building of systems at the molecular level, with atomic precision.

In a way, nanotechnology IS precision.

And the article Nanocell’s Double Hit On Cancer is one of the many examples of the fact that nanotechnology brings us exactly that.

A nanocell that can burrow into a tumour, cut off its blood supply and detonate a lethal dose of anti-cancer toxins has been developed.

The double-action therapy, which comes packed in a tiny double chamber, leaves healthy cells unscathed.

It has proved safe and effective against melanoma and a form of lung cancer in mice.

The technique combines two methods of combating cancer – poisoning tumour cells and cutting off the blood supply to the tumour.

“The idea of using nanoparticles as a sort of therapeutic ‘Trojan horse’ is entirely new.”

Henry Scowcroft

For many years, cancer has been a potential death warrant. With nanotechnology, we have gotten down to the level where cancer (and all other diseases) manifest: the molecular level. This means that, for the first time in history, we have a serious and realistic shot at turning cancer into a minor complication, that can be eradicated upon diagnosis.

The upcoming biotechnology revolution will make sure that we will turn our healthcare from a reactive system into a preventive system.

The former is exactly what we largely have now: We get ill, a disease is diagnosed, and we treat it with so-called ‘cures’ in which something is either poisoned or cut away. This is a very invasive method for the body of getting rid of corrupted bodytissue. And then you just have to hope you were diagnosed in time.

The latter is where we’ll be moving in the next decade or so: We’ll have portable, cheap, and fast diagnosis-systems that make use of nano-sensors. These nano-sensors will most likely be built into people’s toilets in due time, so their droppings are being analysed each time they use the bathroom. Just imagine… you develope cancer, and a few hours after it becomes measurable you use the toilet, and you’ll know about your cancer while it is in early stages, and still easily treatable. Is that preventive or what?

Thanks to nanotech, nobody needs to succumb to terrible diseases any longer. Technology like this will greatly enhance the quality of our lives, and it will also greatly decrease the financial burden on the healthcare system.

Everybody benefits.

Here’s to hoping everybody will have intelligent toilets in the near future.

As soon as they’re available, I suggest you get one. It’s going to be the best health-investments you’ll have ever made in your life.

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