Airgo Comes Up With 240Mbps Wireless Chip

From the press release:

Airgo Networks, Inc., pioneer and world leader in high performance wireless technology, today announced its third generation True MIMO chipset with support for data rates up to 240Mbps. For the first time consumers will be able to experience faster-than-wired speeds over a wireless network – and almost three times the speed of other premium wireless technologies on the market today.

This is much faster than most people have ever seen. My own connection is a lowly 4Mbps, sixty times lower than 240Mbps. And that’s just the downstream. The upstream is even lower.

Technology like this can provide us with television on demand, which means that basically only one TV-channel will exist: yours.

Especially if the folks at Google get their way. They plan to scan all books and tv programs into digital media.

It could also provide us those really cool, live videostreams that we seen in Hollywood movies. And I’m not sure I even want to think about what this technology is going to do to the gaming industry (which is already struggling to keep its head above water), once warez can be distributed at rates like these.

Wirelessness is a very important enabling technology for The Future Of Computers. We can all rest assured that Airgo’s chip will make it so that wirelessness won’t be a problem in the near future.

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