Home DNA Tests Now Feasible

Home DNA Tests Now Feasible

Isn’t that amazing? You can now do a simple DNA test at home for a few measly bucks.

As the cost of DNA sequencing is dropping like a brick (thanks to exponential increases in the technology to do it), we can be sure that humanity will achieve the 1000 dollar genome by 2010.

From then on, it will become standard to get a computer generated summary of your own cheaply-scanned DNA, which will tell you what your genetic predispositions are.

You’ll be able to take measures to avoid diseases that you are prone to. And you’ll know what your personal advantages are too, allowing you to exploit them without going through a long process of trial and error to find out exactly what your advantages are.

Personal genome-scans also open the door for personalized medicine. That is, medication that is suited to your personal genome, which will make it lots more efficient than today’s “one size fits all”-drugs.

Because of the preventive power that technology like this will give us, your healthcare would have to be insane not to pay for your personal genome-scan. After all, it is likely to save many thousands of dollars in the long run.

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