Dermal Display

Gina – the nanorgirl – Miller and Robert Freitas have come up with an animation to design what a dermal display would look like.
Gina Miller is a strong nanotechnology advocate. Robert Freitas is well known for his Nanomedicine books.

A dermal display would basically allow our skins to function as displays. Pictures are included at the link, and since pictures say more than a thousand words, go and check’em out right now!

The technology presented here is something that could be realized by nanotechnology that is more advanced than we have now.

The possibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Dynamic Tattoos: tattoos that can change, or disappear completely when you need’em to (like… when you’re headed for a job interview).
  • Real-time health information: Imagine being able to check out your own health right off your own skin, whenever you like. Being able to do this is nothing to joke about. It has the capacity to turn your own healthcare from a reactive into a preventive healthcare. This basically means: not getting sick, but knowing you’re about to get sick in advance, and then doing something about it before it actually happens.
  • Real-time mood information: will people be able to get along better with each other if they could read other people’s mood right off their skin? Well… most likely, yeah.
  • Covering up of ugly skin blemishes, scartissue, etcetera.
  • Live videostreams, anytime, anywhere: speaks for itself. We will also need fast connections for this. But those will undoubtedly be there once the dermal display-technology can be realized.

The future looks pretty groovy. 😉

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