The Future Of Computers (3)

Sun President: PC’s are so yesterday

I’ve written about this before, in my blogpost entitled The Future Of Computers. PC’s aren’t with us for many more years… at least not in their current form. In my blogpost I wrote about how computer systems are shrinking.

Sun President Jonathan Schwartz has something else to say about the fate of the PC that now clutters up your desktop:

“The majority of the applications that will drive the next wave of innovation will be services, not applications that run on the desktop. The real innovation is occurring in the network and the network services,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz points to the increasing wealth and power of companies, like eBay, Google, Yahoo and, that profit from free services available over the network. Among his audience, many more people said they’d rather have access to Internet services than their desktop computing applications.

The threat to PCs is twofold. Not only are services moving to the network, Schwartz said, but PCs won’t be the way people use those services–particularly in poorer areas of the world that have risen higher up Sun’s corporate priority list. Instead, that access will come through mobile phones.

“The majority of the world will first experience the Internet through their handset,” Schwartz said.

Ayup… that’s the future of computers for ya.

And by the time this scenario will come to pass, we’ll be enjoying scandalously high definition videostreams over our wireless connections as well.

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