Nano Silver Bullet Kills HIV

Nano Silver Bullet Kills HIV

In a groundbreaking study, the Journal of Nanotechnology has published a study that found silver nanoparticles kills HIV-1 and is likely to kill virtually any other virus. The study, which was conducted by the University of Texas and Mexico University, is the first medical study to ever explore the benefits of silver nanoparticles, according to Physorg.

After incubating the HIV-1 virus at 37 C, the silver particles killed 100% of the virus within 3 hours for all three methods.

Already used as a topical antibiotic in the medical industry, silver may now come under consideration as an alternative to drugs when it comes to fighting previously untreatable viruses such as the Tamiflu resistant avian flu.

Nanotech will allow us to solve problems that were previously not solvable, including curing HIV and cancer.

There’s nothing else I can say to add anything to this.

5 thoughts on “Nano Silver Bullet Kills HIV

  1. Anonymous

    The technology is (getting) there, it’s just a shame that the amount of time it takes from discovery till practical medical use is still so long…not much accelerating change in bureacracy i’m afraid…


  2. Jan-Willem Bats

    The number of discoveries is increasing. As a direct result of that, the number of ready-for-use products in the pipeline also increases.

    Just take a look at the number of genetically based drugs that’s being researched now that the human genome map is complete.

    It has increased by a hundred fold, if my memory serves me correctly.

    The FDA is not a holy barrier that can never be taken down. It is only a matter of time before the dam bursts under the heavy load.

  3. Anonymous

    I sure hope so, but clinical trials will remain and those take time to measure the longer term effects of any new drug/therapy IMO.
    If it weren’t for mice we would have longer clinical trials me thinks…
    The only thing to “speed” trials up is a computer simulation of the human body, but for that we need to know every miniscule detail of our body because of “chain-reactions” taking place.


  4. Alexander

    I would like to know WHEN they are going to do Animal Testing and when are they going to start human trial testings?
    The sooner the better; for there are millions of people who are suffering from viral infections such as HIV, Herpes I & II, H1N1, etc…

    Toronto, ON

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