DNA Pill Solution To Obesity?

American and Dutch scientists have come up with the very first personalised medication for weightloss, that will soon be available in the mainstream.

We have yet to see whether this thing will actually do as promised, but we can safely say that the era of personalised medicine has begun. And that’s a big deal!

(I for one wasn’t expecting this until about 2010.)

The article is in Dutch, which is why I’m going to loosely translate it in this post:

The pill, named Genotrim, will be manufactured for individuals, based on 4 to 16 genes that are related to metabolism. Saliva is taken from the inner cheek, and having it analysed costs 325 euro’s. After that, Salugen will fabricate you your personalised medication, which you’ll be taking for 3 months and costs anywhere between 40 and 80 euro’s.

It is claimed that any person who weighs 110 kilo’s can go down to 85 kilo’s in 3 months without having to go on any diet whatsoever. The pill does this by restoring your metabolism (apparently to what it used to be when you were young, the article doesn’t say anything on this). The pill will initially be released in the US and in Holland.

Oprah Winfrey will talk about the pill on her new year’s eve show, and she’ll be testing it as well.

If I look at this objectively, I think there is reason for cautious optimism here. The people behind the Oprah Winfrey show have probably done their research, so they know what they’ll be talking about. Would Oprah Winfrey really want to put her reputation on the line if this was a scam?

It might be big. Let’s sit back and watch what happens next.


It looks like this whole thing is a scam. Read the comments under this post for more details.

10 thoughts on “DNA Pill Solution To Obesity?

  1. Explodicle

    W00t! This is particularly good for me, since I still haven’t gotten that exercise you suggested before. 😛

  2. Anonymous

    1. Who is Salugen?

    Salugen is a leading nutrigenomics company that discovers, develops, and commercializes a combination of patent-protected DNA-customized nutraceutical solutions and companion genetic tests. With over 30 years of research conducted on the genetic and nutritional causes of many healthcare concerns, Salugen is a pioneer and leader in delivering nutritional solutions to consumers that are customized based upon their DNA.

    The first applications for this groundbreaking technology are in weight management/body recomposition, energy enhancement and joint health.

    2. What is body recomposition?

    Simply put, the body is composed of four major molecules – bone, muscle, water, and fat. Fat is the lightest of these molecules, so losing fat doesn’t lose much weight. This is why people are so frustrated with weight loss programs. Instead of looking at the scale, body recomposition focuses on how clothes fit and how a person looks in the mirror. If they knew better, most people would not really be most interested in losing weight. They would be interested in losing inches, because they want to look thinner, trimmer, slimmer and actually be healthier. If they can lose several inches on their waist and look better in the mirror, who cares what the scale says? Salugen’s body recomposition technology, GenoTrim, is a revolutionary product to be launched in 2006.

    3. What is GenoTrim?

    GenoTrim is the world’s first DNA-customized nutritional solution for weight management that focuses on body composition. We all know that weight problems can run in the family. This common knowledge supports the effect of genes on people’s weight. Salugen addresses major pathways in the body that affect weight, such as hormones, metabolism, and stress. By analyzing genes influencing these areas, GenoTrim is able to target the root causes behind inbalances in body composition so that GenoTrim can nourish the body into proper balance – making it healthier, losing inches, looking trimmer, and most importantly – better in the mirror.

    4. How does GenoTrim work?

    GenoTrim doesn’t contain ingredients that artificially push the body to work against nature, stimulating nervous energy, blocking natural processes or nutrient pathways, forcing calorie restrictions, etc. GenoTrim nourishes 5 major systems (crucial for body recomposition). Those five systems 1) promote healthy energy production, 2) improve tolerance to stress and reduce the need for inflammation, 3) lower excessive cravings originating in the brain’s reward circuitry, 4)
    enhance immune competence, and 5) promote healthy neuro-glandular (endocrine) functioning.

    5. How can I get a gene test and get some of these products?

    Salugen’s first product, Genoflex Joint Health, is already on the market and available on the internet at http://www.salugen.com. For those in the Netherlands, GenoTrim is available for pre-purchase at http://www.salugen.com/genotrim. Salugen will launch GenoTrim worldwide in early 2006. Stay tuned!

  3. TAD

    I have major reservations about this. If you go to their website, it says that this is not a drug – it’s a nutritional supplement and therefore not under the eyes of the FDA. There’s also no other mention of it anywhere that I can find in any science journals or anything else.

    I’m about 99% sure that this is just another lure for desperate people who need to lose weight to spend money on.

  4. Jan-Willem Bats

    Yeah good point Tad. We’re just gonna have to wait and see.

    I wonder where anonymous poster above got his info about Genotrim…

    Can’t find it on the Salugen site.

  5. klaas

    Several years of exploring scams on the Internet have taught me to look at it in following fashion.

    It’s not about exploring and discussing the message, it’s the messenger and his actions that count.

    What’s known about Salugen Inc.?
    Barely anything really. All US registration of the company and the sites is hidden.

    The Dutch connection Peter Maltha is recently registered in Dutch Chamber of Commerce as Salugen Europe. He went bankrupt last August, some firm in nutricion. With apparently an American branch in Nanotech Nutrical Supplements, but that site (same host)is also down.
    Maltha is the only really traceable lead, having connections with the American(?) ownership.

    Actions: Mr Maltha started out telling three major lies. Very successful lies, they made the biggest Dutch paper and subsequently all the other headlines.

    How many more scam hallmarks does one need?

  6. eddie taylor

    Peter Maltha is the biggest con man I have ever encountered. He owes millions of pounds all over the world. If anybody wants to know more details on this fraudster, do not hesitate to contact me. I will gladly see this man rot in jail for what he has done.

  7. Klaas

    Sure I’d like to know more details, but only if they’re damn well substanciated. You got no contact details, but I have.

  8. klaas

    Anything, if only substanciated with copies of, or hyperlinks leading to hard stuff like charges filed with authorities.

    Large attachments best sent to

    I sent you a mail wednesday 22 to the address you supplied on Boemerang. No answer yet.

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