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Salugen has now apparently launched the official GenoTrim Site. GenoTrim is the DNA pill that has been in the news recently and which, according to Salugen, will easily burn off your excess fat for you without having to go on any diet.

It’s in Dutch, so I’m going to translate the short bit of info that it has right now:

(Run the site through a site translator yourself if you feel like it.)

Salugen is the marketleader in nutrigenomics. It researches, develops and markets patented nutritional supplements based on DNA.

More than 30 years of research by Prof. Dr. Kenneth Blum and many millions of invested dollars have been spent finding the causes of genetic nutritional imbalance in the body which leads to health complaints. Salugen Inc. is the pioneer and leader in finding DNA based nutritional solutions.

The first application of this revolutionizing technology is GenoTrim, which restructures the body, hightens energy levels and prevents jointpains.

What is this body restructuring?

The body consists of 4 basic elements (molecules):

  • Bone
  • Muscle
  • Water
  • Fat

Of these 4 elements, fat is the lightest molecule, so losing much fat does not result in great weightloss. That is the reason why many existing programs and weightloss diets don’t work, which can be frustrating. Body restructuring aims at looking thinner, being in better shape and feeling better. That is the focus of GenoTrim. It doesn’t aim at the weighing scale alone. Losing weight will be a natural result.

What is GenoTrim?

GenoTrim is the world’s first unique and completely natural nutritional food supplement based on your personal DNA. All ingredients and minerals are 100% natural. The unique patented formulas will give you an optimal result. Because of the study into genes, GenoTrim is capable of feeding genes that are in imbalance so this imbalance will restore itself. The reaction of the body is a healthier look, slimmer figure and less weight. But the most important thing is, it just makes you look good and healthy.

The 5 important groups of GenoTrim are:

  • Enhancing energy production
  • Raising immunity, important factor is stress
  • Less sensitive to infections
  • Enhances the working of the nerve system
  • Increases immunity

Salugen makes nutritional supplements just for you, which guarantees optimal results.

That’s an almost literal translation. Lots of easy-to-understand, unscientific salesman-talk:

  • Dieting doesn’t work because burning fat will not cause much weightloss? Where is the logic in that? If weightloss is not that important with respect to fatloss, why talk about weightloss in the first place?
  • Weightloss will be a natural result of looking slimmer and getting a better figure? If a better figure is guaranteed, then (again) why even bother mentioning the weightloss? Who cares what you weigh as long as you are in good shape (and thus not obese).
  • Why is immunity named twice in the so-called ‘groups’ of GenoTrim? Must be a marketing decision to get the number of GenoTrim-targets up to 5.
  • Feeding genes? What does that mean?

I consider salespitches such as these to be an insult to my intellect. I prefer the emphasis to be on the science myself. But at least GenoTrim seems to be for real.

For more information, see this comment that was posted under my previous GenoTrim post. Not sure where it was pasted from, but it looks genuine at first glance.

Has anybody actually seen it on the Oprah show, where it was supposed to be broadcast as claimed previously, on old year’s eve? Comments welcome.

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