Police, Army Robots To Debut In 5 Years

A short one from kurzweilai.net, regarding robots entering the mainstream in the coming years:

Police, Army Robots to Debut in 5 Years

The Korea Times, Jan. 16, 2006

By the 2010s, Korea expects to see robots assisting police and the military, patrolling neighborhoods and going on recon missions on the battlefield.

The outdoor security robots will be able to make their night watch rounds and even chase criminals, directed by a remote control system via an Internet connection or moving autonomously via their own artificial intelligence systems.

The government also seeks to build combat robots. They will take the shape of a dog or a horse, with six or eight legs or wheels.

There is no link to an English source which could provide more detailed information. The Korea Times (the source) is, like you’d expect, written in Korean and is therefore of no use to me.

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