Cyborg Walks Through Chip In Brain

I just saw an extraordinary movie clip about a guy with a chip in his brain, that he uses to steer his leg muscles. He lost control over his leg muscles when his nerves were severed in a car accident in 1989.

The narrator says that it’s now 11 years later, so I guess this clip is from 2000. I had no idea technology was already this advanced back then. I wonder why we haven’t seen and heard more of this in the last few years.

Check out the movie clip here.

One thought on “Cyborg Walks Through Chip In Brain

  1. Kraryal

    I suspect we have not heard much since it is no longer new and is in the nitty gritty details of application.

    The ‘yuk’ factor may be involved here as well, since the women I saw with the same modification has a box attached to her side to control the system and provide a computer interface. It is not yet clean an elegant; For instance, she can not use the same program to walk as to stand still due to nerve cross-talk. She needs a third program to bicycle, etc.

    We will probably hear more once development is closer to being done.


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