Google To Provide Infinite Storage Space

Only yesterday, I posted something about The Future Of Computers. That post was mainly about computers shrinking and becoming really small in the future.

Also of relevance to the future of computers is a high degree of decentralization.

And Google realizes it better than anybody else.

Google Inc. apparently hopes to persuade everyone with a computer to entrust all their digital data with the online search engine leader, even though the company is having trouble controlling its own internal communications.

Plans for a Google service offering “infinite” storage capacity leaked out last week when the company inadvertently shared some information about several projects, including one named “GDrive,” on its Web site.

Google quickly removed the previously confidential notes, but not before some eagle-eyed Web surfers had already made copies. Excerpts remain available on some Web sites.

In its internal notes, Google discusses an ambitious storage system that would keep its users’ word processing files, e-mails, Web history and photos on the company’s own computers. Google believes the service would be enticing because the information would be unleashed from a single computer in a home or office, allowing users to access their data from any place at any time.

Nobody is supposed to know about Google’s GDrive plans yet, but Google accidentily leaked some memo’s. Excerpts from the memo can be found here.

We won’t have to wait for the future in order to start storing our files online, though. A Gmail Drive Shell is already available right now. It allows you to store files to your Gmail account by simply dragging them in there from your explorer window.

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  1. Jan-Willem Bats

    The current trend is towards decentralized storage, and this is likely how it’s going to be in the future.

    Why are you afraid of legal ramifications? Are you a lawyer who has to do the bureaucratic paperwork? 😛

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