Anti Aging Breakthroughs May Add 25 Years To Life

It looks like the mainstream media is catching on to idea of dramatic life extension:

Imagine living to age 50 sans wrinkles, without relinquishing any youthful gaiety, to maybe even see your great-granddaughter’s high school education. Sounds implausible, but science is working on it.

Recent research is beginning to reveal anti-aging technologies which could prolong life-spans a full 25 years.

The War On Aging

De Grey calls the time during which the technologies will experience the most development the War On Aging.

“I use the phrase to describe the period starting when we get results in the laboratory with mice that are impressive enough to make people realize that life extension is possible, and ending when the first effective therapies for humans are developed,” de Grey said. “I estimate that the War On Aging will start 10 years from now, subject to funding of research, and will last for 15 years, but this latter estimate is extremely speculative.”

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