Heart Patients Keen On Stem Cell Therapy

I’ve seen dozens of news articles about heart patients getting benefit from experimental stem cell therapies. It’s about time I post one.

Australian scientists have had no shortage of patients willing to undergo experimental stem cell treatment for heart disease.

Although the procedure is still unproven, volunteers lining up to trial stem cell therapy have reached the end of the road in terms of conventional medicine.

Sydney man Bill Henry had 80 million stem cells injected into his ailing heart a month ago via a catheter through his groin.

The 52-year-old is one of two patients to have the world-first procedure and is already talking about the possibility of returning to full-time employment.

When reading news like this, you’ve gotta feel thankful that we won’t be worrying about heart disease anymore a few years from now.

Not that stem cell therapies are limited to the heart alone…

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