10 Emerging Technologies

Technology Review is doing their annual coverage of 10 emerging technologies.

They are up to eight now. The other two will appear in due time to make the list complete.

So far, they have articles on:

  1. Epigenetics
  2. Nuclear Reprogramming
  3. Universal Authentication
  4. Cognitive Radio
  5. Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  6. Nanobiomechanics
  7. Comparative Interactomics
  8. Nanomedicine

Which are about:

  1. Detecting cancer early by looking at genetic changes.
  2. An ethical way of deriving stemcells, thereby resolving the embryo debate.
  3. Internet security.
  4. Avoiding future wireless traffic jams.
  5. Brain imaging to understand schizophrenia.
  6. Measuring tiny forces on cells and learning more about diseases.
  7. Creating maps of the body’s complex molecular interactions to find drugs more easily.
  8. Guiding drugs directly into cancer cells.

Also recently posted by Technology Review:

Do-It-Yourself Nanotech

A simple new method could allow students to build complex molecule-scale structures — and lead to advanced nanoelectronics.

Mini Robots For Nano Construction

Tiny robots can operate on single cells and assemble microelectronics — and could lead to cheap nanoscale manufacturing.

I meant to make individual posts about those two, but things are moving so fast these days (way faster than when I started this blog, not even one year ago) that I’m having a hard time keeping up.

So many things to write about, so little time…

Such is the life of a technology freak. *sigh*

So I’m just lumping them into this post.

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