The Car That Drives Itself

The Car That Drives Itself.

It’s not KITT, but it’s close: The Honda Accord ADAS can sense its proximity to other cars and objects and steer itself to stay within lane lines. And you thought cruise control was cool.

Video clip at the source. Be sure to check it out.

Also see Driverless Cars Race 130 Miles.

With things going as fast as they are in this area, I have a gut-feeling we can expect our cars to do a lot of driving for us well before 2020.

4 thoughts on “The Car That Drives Itself

  1. Micah J. Glasser

    And once cars can fully drive themselves it shouldn’t be too much trouble to have cars that can fly themselves.

  2. Anonymous


    A few months back I was telling people at a dinner we will see self-driving cars by 2020. People thought I was nuts.

    I was just looking at the ramping of computer power per decade. About a factor of 100, if doublings occur every 18 months. So that is a power of a thousand in the next 15 years.

  3. Anonymous


    I also think a lot of the features will come in one at a time or a few at a time.. Like staying in the lane. Or not turning too fast to flip which already exists in some high end cars.

    Ultimately I expect systems like automatically braking when you come too fast at the car in front of you, to become mandatory.

  4. Jan-Willem Bats


    Such a system is already being developed.

    Actually, the system I’m referring to is not fully automated. It’s supposed to let drivers (or flyers) of flying cars navigate their vehicle by keeping it in a box on a display.

    More or less like playing videogame.

    I searched for a reference, but can’t find the article that wrote about it.

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