British Woman Carries Designer Baby

British woman pregnant with cancer-gene-free ‘designer baby’.

A British woman has become the first in the country to conceive a “designer baby” selected specifically to avoid an inherited cancer, The Times said Saturday.

The woman, who was not identified, used controversial genetic screening technology to ensure she does not pass on to her child the condition retinoblastoma, an hereditary form of eye cancer from which she suffers.

Doctors tested embryos created by the woman and her partner using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) methods for the cancer gene. Only unaffected embryos were implanted in her womb, the newspaper said.

Ofcourse you’re always gonna have people objecting to this, claiming it is not natural, that life is sacred and that we shouldn’t mess with it.

Nonsense I say. Cancer is also natural. Should we keep that? Most people would be glad to get rid of cancer. In this case, cancer has been prevented. Which is even better then getting rid of it.

Oh sure, life is sacred. But we get to decide for ourselves which life is sacred and which isn’t.

That’s a pretty sweet deal isn’t it? Know how we got it?

We made the whole f#cking thing up.

(courtesy of George Carlin, one of my favorite stand-up comedians)

Long live designer babies, genetic modifications, stemcell research, and all other things that piss off religiously insane, conservative, right-wing, fundamentalist nutjobs.


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