Amazing Robot Animation

Android 207.

Even though it’s only an animation, it makes me think…

How long until real life robots posess this level of cognition?

Two other robot related articles I recently spotted:

Microsoft fosters robotics.

It might take many years, but Microsoft believes robotics could present a big opportunity as the market grows, said Tandy Trower, general manager of the Microsoft Robotics Group. He cited estimates predicting that consumer robotics alone will grow into a multibillion-dollar industry in five to 10 years.

Androids Dream of Soccer Glory.

Already a few teams are working on stereoscopic vision, which would help with depth perception. Next year, the humanoid robots are likely to leave behind their Pocket PC brains, which most teams have used for weight reasons.

“Every year the teams get better and better, but there’s no quantum improvements this year,” Rojas says. “It has been a continuous evolution.”

One thought on “Amazing Robot Animation

  1. Jose

    It is starting to look like the robot hype of the 60s is probably going to become a reality within the next few decades. These are exciting times.

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