British and American Scientists Creating Mind-Reading Computer

British and American Scientists Creating Mind-Reading Computer.

Computers are about to get a whole lot more advanced, as British and American scientists have announced they are creating a PC that is “emotionally aware.”

A raised eyebrow, a puzzled facial look or a nod of the head are just some of the expressions the computer will be able to read. Scientists say their new computer, which simply points a video camera at an individual’s face, will be able to determine a person’s thoughts by analyzing basic facial expressions that portray inside feelings.

Peter Robinson, a professor at the University of Cambridge in England, says his team’s mind-reading computer could eventually be used to do everything from teaching people to drive better to developing better ad campaigns that target people’s moods.

“Imagine a computer that could pick the right emotional moment to try to sell you something, a future where mobile phones, cars and websites could read our mind and react to our moods,” Robinson told Reuters.

Robinson said the computer he and his team designed is already doing quite well at recognizing various expressions generated by actors. His team is currently trying to get more data to teach the computer when a person is bored, confused, interested or agreeable. The PC will be put on display at a London exhibition today.

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