100 MPG Toyota Prius Planned for 2009

Ultra-Green: Radical 100-MPG Toyota Prius in the Works for 2009

Expect something amazing from the next Toyota Prius — like fuel economy that pushes past the 100-mpg barrier.

Due in two years as a 2009 model, the next Prius is set to be an evolution, company sources say. The hybrid will retain the same basic 1.5-liter hybrid drivetrain. But Toyota is now on a mission to do two things: drive the economy ratings skyward, and cut the associated costs by 20-30 percent.

One thought on “100 MPG Toyota Prius Planned for 2009

  1. Anonymous

    The problem there is that the reported MPG is based on the Japanese 10-15 cycle.

    The Japan 2005 Prius using the 10-15 cycle is (if my Japanese translation is right) 35.5km/l or 33.0km/l depending on option grade.

    That’s 2.8l/100km or 83US MPG or 100 Imperial MPG, and 3.0l/100km or 77 US MPG or 93.2 Imperial MPG. I do note a OnMouseOver note that’s something about 30.0km/l though…

    Not much of an improvement, if the quoted article is using Imperial MPG…

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