Great Sketch Interpretation Tool

The term “sketch interpretation” may not get people on the edge of their seats all by itself… but wait until you’ve seen the demonstration of what it can do: Sketch Interpretation.

The idea is that you can draw anything and the software will understand what you have drawn. Not only will it understand, it will apply the proper physics to it. You’ve gotta see it to get it. The movie clip shows a guy drawing a car going down from a hill, and then the software actually makes it happen.

This is a great tool for people who want to build their own videogames or virtual environments. It’s tools like these that will ensure that we will have a very rich Internet-experience a few years in the future, when every site you visit will be a 3D environment.

In general, technology like this simply allows people to easily build stuff that’s cool.

A link to the official site: ASSIST.

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