3D Models From 2D Images

Right after posting sketch interpretation comes this little jewel that is at least as impressive: 3D Models From 2D Images.

I would not have thought that this was possible. Just imagine… soon we will be able to build 3D environments simply by drawing them and having them automatically generated.

Game developers often hire concept artists and modellers. The artists draw some sketches of how the game is supposed to look. The modellers then manually build 3D models based on these sketches.

Looks like the modeller jobs are about to automated.

Too bad for those poor modellers, but it’s going to be one helluva lot cheaper to and easier to build cool games.

More info.

Yet more info.

2 thoughts on “3D Models From 2D Images

  1. Shanness

    There is a real pattern in this video.

    Lots of buildings or the train, with flat ground and then a 90 degree angle.

    It’s kinda like they just folded the picture along the line where a building meets the ground.

    Didn’t impress me that much, I’d love to see a person, or a tree or something..

  2. Explodicle

    I really like what this means for games. In recent years, it feels like there’s been a decline in the quality of the artwork because everything has to be IN 3-D!!!1! Now, real artists (who often have no modeling skills) can get back to work making them beautiful again.

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