Major Breakthrough in Aging Research

Dnage Scientists Report Major Breakthroughs In Ageing Research.

While the link between DNA damage and ageing had been established before it has now been shown that the level of “repair-problems” is directly correlated to the severity of the resulting ageing-diseases. The findings indicate that inadequate DNA repair results in accelerated ageing that strongly resembles the processes of natural ageing in older organisms.

Importantly, it was demonstrated that the body activates various natural defence-mechanisms against the accumulation of DNA-damage in order to delay the development of ageing diseases. This indicates that DNA-damage and DNA-repair are very important targets for new products in the field of ageing diseases. Learning from the body’s own response as described by these scientists, the Company is now testing compounds that may eventually lead to products that delay the development of ageing diseases such as Osteoporosis and Neurodegeneration (diseases of the brain including Alzheimer’s and Dementia).

Big news from my home country.

I’ve seen it on the news just a few minutes ago. The spokesperson said that it would take anywhere from 7 to 9 years to develop drugs based on this breakthrough.

With a breakthrough this important, you’d think some people could be moved to action in order to accelerate the realisation of anti aging drugs.

The implications are quite big.

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