Anti Aging Molecule Discovered

Anti-Aging Molecule Discovered

A team of South Korean scientists on Sunday claimed to have created a “cellular fountain of youth,’’ or a small molecule, which enables human cells to avoid aging and dying.

The team, headed by Prof. Kim Tae-kook at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, argued the newly-synthesized molecule, named CGK733, can even make cells younger.

The findings were featured by the Britain-based Nature Chemical Biology online early today and will be printed as a cover story in the journal’s offline edition early next month.

“All cells face an inevitable death as they age. On this path, cells became lethargic and in the end stop dividing but we witnessed that CGK733 can block the process,’’ Kim said.

“We also found the synthetic compound can reverse aging, by revitalizing already-lethargic cells. Theoretically, this can give youth to the elderly via rejuvenating cells,’’ the 41-year-old said.

Kim expected that the CGK733-empowered drugs that keep cells youthful far beyond their normal life span would be commercialized in less than 10 years.

Reading things like this sometimes gives me the impression that significant life extension is closer than you’d think. I’ll bet humanity is going to see a great improvement in public health in the next decade.

And thanks to the recent change of year, the next decade is now only 3 years away. 😉

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  1. NanoStuff

    I think your bullshit detector is broken.

    I will suggest that you remove this article before your regular visitors disappear, you definitely made my WTF list.

  2. Jan-Willem Bats

    A simple google search seems to confirm Kim Tae-kook’s credibility.

    Sorry for the disappointment, MysticMonkeyGuru. Or should I call you ADBatstone, the guy who openly admitted on the betterhumans site that he preferred robot women because he couldn’t get biological women?

    Anyway… I feel flattered you created a blogger account just so you could post at my blog.

    (yeah, the 2 hits and no blogs gave you away)

    Come again sometime.

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