Cancer Cure Breakthrough Thanks to Genetic Technology

British gene team are on the brink of cancer breakthrough

British scientists are on the verge of producing a drug that could revolutionise cancer treatment.

It shuts down the rogue genes that cause cancer and is due to be tested on humans for the first time in the next few months.

If successful, the drug will be used to stop the disease spreading to other parts of the body, at the same time improving quality of life and life expectancy.

The technique, known as RNA interference therapy, is still in its early stages of development but one day it could be extended to treat other conditions ranging from asthma to Aids.

The drug works by preventing genes from making disease-causing proteins. Similar in structure to DNA, it should halt the disease in its tracks.

The first human trials are due to start in the next few months and it could be on the market within three years.

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