Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #14

First off, a few links that talk about the latest demonstration of a quantum computer:

First “Commercial” Quantum Computer Solves Sudoku Puzzles

Prototype Commercial Quantum Computer Demo’ed

Start-up demos quantum computer

The Father of Quantum Computing

Next up, biotech, robots and cybernetics:

Human Stem Cell Transplants Repair Rat Spinal Cords

Robotic retina offers second chance for sight

Human-animal chimeras: from mythology to biotechnology

Human brain can make new cells: study

Growing a Brain in Switzerland

Pharm Animals Crank Out Drugs

Scientists expose HIV weak spot

Meet RoboNurse

Loans launch state’s stem cell ambitions

Millions to benefit as first bionic eye comes to market

Some other stuff that’s also cool:

Nanotech Battery Claims to Solve Electric Car Woes

‘Flying’ wind generators

Computer Model Mimicks How Brain Recognizes Street Scenes

Bright future for OLEDs, report predicts

Closeup of microscopic machinery

And last but not least:

Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality?

If you’re alive in 20 years, you may be able to live forever.

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  1. Ted

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    What a fun and exciting time to be alive!!!

    Ted Stalets
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