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Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #19

Have I got some groovy new techstuff for you!

First off, Microsofts new technology that represents the future of computing (and management of… things that need management).DARwIn will be America’s first humanoid RoboCup competitor

My Electric Car is Faster Than Your Ferrari

Video Demonstration of Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL)PAL-V (Flying car)

64MW Solar Installation About To Be Switched On!

Toshiba Matsushita Announces Development of Lightweight LED-Backlit LCD Panels

Rays light up life-like graphics

The Futurist: Hands-On With The Neatest New Nanotech

The Incredible Shrinking Engine

Hydrogen Storage: UNBF Researchers Achieve Technology Breakthrough

New Cell Type Identified in Cancer Development

Solar Plane to Fly Continuously Around Mars

Hair Cells Regeneration – Intercytex

Quantum mechanics may explain how humans smell

The Armed Robots Speak Hebrew

Solar Energy To Be Mainstream Power Source By 2025

Nano Projector

Artificial lymph node transplanted into mice

Catalyst could help turn CO2 into fuel

Teenager achieves nuclear fusion at home

Man Lives Pollution-Free in First Solar-Hydrogen House

Photons Trapped for Record Time

Powerful Little Light: LED With 1,000 Lumens

Molecular Switch Holds Key to Reserve Supply of Muscle Stem Cells

These Boots Were Made for 22 M.P.H.

UNC scientists discover cellular ‘SOS’ signal in response to UV skin damage

County to Vaporize Trash – Poof!

A Single-Photon Server with Just One Atom

‘Almost Human’ by Lee Gutkind (review of book about robot intelligence)

New Weight Loss Drug Acomplia On The Horizon

Is this the fabric of the universe?

Key to memory formation revealed

Scientists Make Ice Hotter Than Boiling Water

8 Signs Google is Planning to Build a National Wireless Network

New Biofuels Process Promises To Meet All U.S. Transportation Needs

Self-Propelled Diodes Could Traverse the Human Body

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #18

I’m starting this mixed bag off with a good look at a very promising, upcoming videogame called Crysis.

Recently, some footage of a Crysis level editor has appeared on the web.

Follow the above link to see part 2. Higher resolution and wmv format also available at the source.

As you can see, the visuals are stunning.

Ofcourse, I was expecting nothing less because of some earlier screenshots that have been released quite some time ago:

You can find more “Crysis vs Real Life” pictures here and here (both links Dutch, but that’s okay because it’s about the pictures anyway).

Personally, I prefer Crysis environments over real life environments.

But then again, I’m a techno geek. 😉

Also very realistic looking (in motion, not visually), is the upcoming game Little Big Planet.

I found another realistic render which is not related to any game, but it’s so impressive I just had to include it.

I’m not sure which one is more impressive… this one, or the black guy from Crysis above.

You decide.

On with the rest of this mixed bag of kick-ass techno links!

It’s got everything… from selectively wiping out memories in mice to regenerating hair. From robots to the upcoming revolution of renewable energy. From artificial intelligence to really fast internet.

Oh, and cars too!!!

First high-resolution 3D image of a complete cell

Robot that roams the body to seek and destroy cancer

Neuron Control

A jacket for people who like to get high

Venture Capitalists Want to Put Some Algae in Your Tank – New York Times

GM plans all-electric car in 2010

Robotic age poses ethical dilemma

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for a Sustainable Future

Nokia Moving Into Nanotechnology

New Spinal Cord Treatment Available

Nano-Batteries That Keep On Going

Intel to improve video, vertex shading in its Integrated Graphics CPU’s

Scientists succeed in tooth and hair regeneration

Get Pounded by TN Games’ ForceWear Vest

Holister on nanotechnology and energy

Salamander robot uses ‘spinal cord’ to move

AI Cited for Unlicensed Practice of Law

Communicating by Brain Waves

Installing Thin Film Solar On Metal Roof – Easier Than Falling Off A Log

Hmm … rats think like humans

Protein found to tan skin and protect it from skin cancer

Human and Mice share 99 % of genes

UK military awaits Skynet launch

Top 5 Future Technologies

Nanotechnology for health: 10-year EU-US perspective

The Thinking Machine (about software that mimics the human brain)

Coolest High-Tech Cars 2007

Full steam ahead for Nevada solar project

Whatever Happened to Virtual Reality?

Wipe out a single memory – Drug can clear away one fearful memory while leaving another intact

Tech Firms Push to Use TV Airwaves for Internet

A Smarter Web

IBM begins Production of Cell Chip at 65nm

Intel joins flash memory hard drive fray

Invisible Revolution (about materials that can revolutionize telecom, data storage and solar energy)

Augmented Reality

Nanowires in the blood could feel the pressure

Start-Up Fervor Shifts to Energy in Silicon Valley

Spacecraft may surf the solar system on magnetic fields

Nanopiezotronics – a pathway to self-powering nanodevices

2009: The Year of 3D

And to top if all off, some fascinating physics articles.

Two of these last few links are in contradiction with each other. Can you find out which ones? 😉

Particle physics on the cancer ward

Physicists Modify Double-Slit Experiment to Confirm Einstein’s Belief

Discovery Makes Black Holes More Puzzling

Scientists break speed of light

Science hopes to change events that have already occurred

You Can’t Travel Back in Time, Scientists Say

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #17

The Future of Weapons – The XM307 Rifle

I don’t condone violence or wars in any way, but I have to admit: the technology behind this weapon is amazing. This highly advanced, super accurate, recoil-free sniper rifle can program bullets to explode right after entering a window, thereby taking out any bad guys who might be hiding in the room.

In only a few minutes, it can be modified to be a .50 machine gun, powerful enough to take down walls.

You have to see it to believe it, so I have included a demonstration for your viewing pleasure:

Project Epoc – Mind Reading Device for Gamers

Higgs boson: Glimpses of the God particle

Dutch pioneer floating eco-homes

Reverse-engineering the brain’s circuitry

Marvin Minsky On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

To Be Almost Human Or Not To Be, That Is The Question (robots)

Virtual-Reality Video Game Helps Link Depression To Specific Brain Area

Heliodisplay/ Interactive Free-Space Display

Iranian family key to fatal heart gene

U.S. to develop new hydrogen bomb (requires subscription, get free login info at

Shell turns to wood chips and straw in search for the road fuel of the future

An Alternative to the Computer Mouse (eyetracker)

Scientists Use Bacteria to Store Data

Medication ‘Robot’ Fits Inside Tooth

Cheap Nano Solar Cells

Nanorod coating makes least reflective material ever

Nanotechnology’s Future

Have scientists found a way to read your mind?

The rice with human genes

Scientists Discover ‘Natural Barrier’ to HIV

Scientists claim first in using brain scans to predict intentions

Environmentally minded ingenuity drives the latest business wave to plant its roots in the Bay Area

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #16

Another cool bag of technology links.

Even more than in my previous post, but collected in about half the time.

How GPUs Work (have a look at tomorrow’s level of realism in computer graphics)

James Bond-style strap-on jet pack flying wing to extend special forces

Detailed Roadmap of the 21st Century (should you have the desire to become a lucid dreamer… this clip will provide you with plenty of inspiration I think)

Dexter Walks (biped robot)

Future Forecasts for the Next 25 Years

Led Paint Drawing Technology

Lie detector software catches e-mail fibbers

Xerox Inkless Printer

Inter-planetary Internet expands to Mars and beyond

Chemical origami shrinks 2D discs into 3D objects

Nanotech Chain Mail Fabric a Perfect Fit

Milky Way Black Hole May Be a Colossal Particle Accelerator

The Future of Garbage

Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit

Electricity from Seaweed

Mice get smarter with drug (requires login which you can get at

Body shop (cybernetics)

Carbon Nanotubes versus HIV

Bionic cat eyes help in battle against human blindness

What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen

Brain works more chaotically than previously thought

Chinese Scientists Control Pigeons With Brain Implant

First steps to develop artificial retina with nanotechnology

Scientists invent real-life `Star Trek Tricorder`

Gravity waves to show birth of cosmos

A hidden twist in the black hole information paradox

Regain walking ability with robot-driven leg support

The 12 greenest cars of 2007

Solar powered robot chariot

Nanotechnology Seen as Answer to Counterfeiters

Researchers safely regenerate failing mouse hearts with programmed embryonic stem cells

Let Robots Sweat the Boring Stuff

NASA tests moon building

Liposuctioned fat stem cells to repair bodies

Milestone for giant physics lab

Singularities and Nightmares

Fantastic animation that visualizes physiology of the body

Robots and Emotion

Nanotechnology in a small world

Army Developing Paralysis Beam

Algorithm helps computers beat humans at Go

Man Invents Machine To Cure Cancer

Electric switch could turn on limb regeneration

Easy Cheap Solar Heat

Microscope discerns atoms of different elements

The thinnest material ever and could revolutionise computers and medicine

AMD Demonstrates Accelerated Computing Solution that Breaks Teraflop Barrier