Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #18

I’m starting this mixed bag off with a good look at a very promising, upcoming videogame called Crysis.

Recently, some footage of a Crysis level editor has appeared on the web.

Follow the above link to see part 2. Higher resolution and wmv format also available at the source.

As you can see, the visuals are stunning.

Ofcourse, I was expecting nothing less because of some earlier screenshots that have been released quite some time ago:

You can find more “Crysis vs Real Life” pictures here and here (both links Dutch, but that’s okay because it’s about the pictures anyway).

Personally, I prefer Crysis environments over real life environments.

But then again, I’m a techno geek. 😉

Also very realistic looking (in motion, not visually), is the upcoming game Little Big Planet.

I found another realistic render which is not related to any game, but it’s so impressive I just had to include it.

I’m not sure which one is more impressive… this one, or the black guy from Crysis above.

You decide.

On with the rest of this mixed bag of kick-ass techno links!

It’s got everything… from selectively wiping out memories in mice to regenerating hair. From robots to the upcoming revolution of renewable energy. From artificial intelligence to really fast internet.

Oh, and cars too!!!

First high-resolution 3D image of a complete cell

Robot that roams the body to seek and destroy cancer

Neuron Control

A jacket for people who like to get high

Venture Capitalists Want to Put Some Algae in Your Tank – New York Times

GM plans all-electric car in 2010

Robotic age poses ethical dilemma

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for a Sustainable Future

Nokia Moving Into Nanotechnology

New Spinal Cord Treatment Available

Nano-Batteries That Keep On Going

Intel to improve video, vertex shading in its Integrated Graphics CPU’s

Scientists succeed in tooth and hair regeneration

Get Pounded by TN Games’ ForceWear Vest

Holister on nanotechnology and energy

Salamander robot uses ‘spinal cord’ to move

AI Cited for Unlicensed Practice of Law

Communicating by Brain Waves

Installing Thin Film Solar On Metal Roof – Easier Than Falling Off A Log

Hmm … rats think like humans

Protein found to tan skin and protect it from skin cancer

Human and Mice share 99 % of genes

UK military awaits Skynet launch

Top 5 Future Technologies

Nanotechnology for health: 10-year EU-US perspective

The Thinking Machine (about software that mimics the human brain)

Coolest High-Tech Cars 2007

Full steam ahead for Nevada solar project

Whatever Happened to Virtual Reality?

Wipe out a single memory – Drug can clear away one fearful memory while leaving another intact

Tech Firms Push to Use TV Airwaves for Internet

A Smarter Web

IBM begins Production of Cell Chip at 65nm

Intel joins flash memory hard drive fray

Invisible Revolution (about materials that can revolutionize telecom, data storage and solar energy)

Augmented Reality

Nanowires in the blood could feel the pressure

Start-Up Fervor Shifts to Energy in Silicon Valley

Spacecraft may surf the solar system on magnetic fields

Nanopiezotronics – a pathway to self-powering nanodevices

2009: The Year of 3D

And to top if all off, some fascinating physics articles.

Two of these last few links are in contradiction with each other. Can you find out which ones? 😉

Particle physics on the cancer ward

Physicists Modify Double-Slit Experiment to Confirm Einstein’s Belief

Discovery Makes Black Holes More Puzzling

Scientists break speed of light

Science hopes to change events that have already occurred

You Can’t Travel Back in Time, Scientists Say

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