The Future of Alternative Energy is Cheap, Near and Mostly Solar

First off… sorry to all my loyal readers for not posting in so long. I had some personal issues that distracted me from the blog.

A fan recently emailed me because he was concerned that I’d given up on Our Technological Future.

Rest assured, this is not the case. I’m more technology obsessed than I ever was, and I’m picking it up right from where I left.

In the last 2 months that I haven’t posted, I’ve saved up a looooooooot of techno links. Way too many to post all in one mixed bag post.

Therefore, I picked all the energy links from it and collected them in this post.

If you are ever having a hard time debating a peak oil doomer, just send’em on over to this post.

That’ll teach’em.

200 mph at 200 mpg? That’s the Velozzi hybrid sports car

High Performance Electric Car – COMING SOON!

Boeing working on Fuel Cell Airplane

Solar Building Automatically Shades Itself From The Sun

Eco-car does 3,039km to the Liter

Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Cells

Sweet New Battery Runs on Sugar

Michigan Teen Builds Nuclear Fusion Device

It’s easy being green: Google goes solar

Clean power is coming soon, scientists believe

Solar Power Breakthrough: Solar Dyes Could Be Put In Windows, Clothing

Cheaper solar cells

Solar power breakthrough at Massey

New Solar Panel Design Traps More Light

Solar-Powered Device Converts CO2 to Fuel

Affordable solar power brings light to India

Solar Power at Half the Cost

Shrinking cost for solar power

Incredible Growth for Solar

X Prize: the quest for a 100 mpg car

Top 10 Solar-Powered Devices

5 Reasons Solar Power Works

No Silicon Needed

The End of Peak Oil?

Blueberries Used To Generate Solar Power

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6 thoughts on “The Future of Alternative Energy is Cheap, Near and Mostly Solar

  1. Susana

    Gain Independence from your Utility Company.
    Imagine your electric bill being as low as your cable bill. You could also be eligible for generous government rebates when you decide to convert to solar. When your system generates more electricity than you’re consuming, your utility meter will actually spin backwards. You accrue credit with your utility company at the same rate they are charging you. This allows you to reduce your electric bill and drive it toward zero. By using solar power, you can also reduce the amount of electricity you have to buy. Once the equipment has been installed, the electricity generated is free! In addition, PV panels typically have a long life and with no moving parts, they require minimal maintenance. See Link below for some awesome solar energy products! Save yourself money and the environment!
    Sunlight Can Make Your Meter Spin Backwards. Sunlight is a renewable energy source and the conversion of sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic (PV) panels is an environmentally friendly process. It is one that is silent and produces no greenhouse gas emissions or other polluting by-products. You are actually helping the environment! Generating electricity from solar energy reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emission. By switching to solar power, you will combat global warming and reduce our nation’s dependence of foreign energy sources. Even a small solar electric system has a significant environmental impact. Did you ever leave a hose spread out on your ground in the summer and then hours later squirted it only to find out that the water is very hot? This is the same concept of how solar energy works. GO NATURAL!

  2. Jan-Willem Bats

    Which one?

    My links or the link of the person who spammed my blog with a firstpost?

  3. James

    Great collection again Jan. Keep em all comin. I love when I get my weekly OTF on stumble! haha. Thanks, and take care.

  4. Frank

    Its great to have you back! I was getting worried that this blog was going to disappear! Keep up the excellent work.

  5. cybrbeast

    Hey jw, good to see you back! You give some great tech round-ups.
    If you go into the blogger options you can make it so that you can delete certain comments like the spam on top.

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