Nanotechnology Research and Development in the USA

From National Nanotechnology Initiatives comes a 10 minute video introducing the public to the state of nanotechnology research in the USA.

It also explains what nanotechnology might be good for. So for all of you who are not up to date on the latest hype and are too lazy to read…

Watch this video.

8 thoughts on “Nanotechnology Research and Development in the USA

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  2. adbatstone

    I hope this blog fucking dies. Fuck you jwbats, you piece of shit. Your little techno-future fantasy will never happen. Who the fuck wants to live forever anyway?!

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  3. Outrance

    To adbatstone:

    Steps to improve your life and intelligence:

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  5. Robert

    Good Morning JW
    I liked this post because it challenged me to think and deduct things in a way I don’t normally get to do. Is this all over the horizon or is it fiction ? , who knows , but if the contents of posts such as these can get people thinking about what it is thats going on in there life then that , in my humble opinion , is worth reading.

    Have a good rest of the week,

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