The Future of Mind Control

I have here two movie clips that demonstrate the current state of affairs in the whacky world of mind control.

The first one shows a monkey moving a mechanical arm by thought.

The second one shows a guy lifting boxes in a virtual world, just by thinking about it.

The technology holds great promise for disabled people.

Even though this technology is being developed with disabled people as the major motive, they won’t be the only ones that end up using the technology.

Imagine a day where people interact with their computer. By the time the technology hits the mainstream (at least a decade from now), computers will be small enough to be practically invisible.

We will have smoothly hooked up the Internet to our brains… or our brains to the Internet. It all depends on how you wanna look at it.

It might seem harmless enough, but in fact it is the beginning of our transcendance to something bigger.

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