Do You Want To Live Forever?

Below a documentary of Aubrey de Grey, the man who’s going to make humans immortal.

Not everybody can mentally ‘take’ the idea of living forever.

That’s why Aubrey has opponents.

(mainly old people who won’t live long enough to see it)

They attack him with meaningful and well thought-out arguments that really address the actual content of Aubrey’s ideas, such as:

  • Aubrey is an angry individual
  • Aubrey has only 3 laboratories doing his research
  • Aubrey is very naïve and can’t possibly contribute to biology because he’s originally a computer scientist
  • Aubrey doesn’t have any children so he wants to attain immortality himself through science

You think I’m making this shit up?

Enjoy the video.

2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Live Forever?

  1. yanowhiz

    Fascinating documentary on Aubrey de Grey. I found it very interesting to the point of his views and the science behind them. Maybe he will be right, maybe he won’t. Well just have to wait and see.

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