Life Extension Pill Tested In Humans

Longevity Pill Tested in Humans

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals announces that its souped-up version of resveratrol has passed early tests in humans.What if I told you there was a pill that slows aging and allows you to live a healthy life to age 100?

Such a pill may exist right now. It’s being tested in people in very early-stage human clinical trials. Today, the company making the pill, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, announced its findings from preclinical testing in cells and animals, and also from tests conducted on 85 male volunteers this summer.

The verdict: so far, the pill works, although it will be years before we know how well it works, or if it can actually extend the life span of people in the same way that it has bumped up the life span of mice.

One thought on “Life Extension Pill Tested In Humans

  1. Jeffery Muter

    this was published in 2007. how long will it be before the final results will be concluded and the pill itself will be publicly released? is it a pill you have to consume multiple times a day? once a day/week etc.? i think it is a fascinating concept. as long as it’s not a billion dollar drug then it could very well change the coarse of the human race.

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