HIV Cure Found

Researchers Knock Out HIV

With the latest advances in treatment, doctors have discovered that they can successfully neutralise the HIV virus. The so-called ‘combination therapy’ prevents the HIV virus from mutating and spreading, allowing patients to rebuild their immune system to the same levels as the rest of the population.

To date, it represents the most significant treatment for patients suffering from HIV.

Professor Jens Lundgren from the University of Copenhagen, together with other members of the research group EuroSIDA, have conducted a study, which demonstrates that the immune system of all HIV-infected patients can be restored and normalised. The only stipulation is that patients begin and continue to follow their course of treatment.

Combination therapy prevents the virus from forming and mutating in human beings. When the virus is halted in its progress, the number of healthy CD4+T cells begins to rise and patients, who would otherwise die from HIV, can now survive. The immune system is rejuvenated and is apparently able to normalise itself, providing that the combination therapy is maintained. The moment the immune system begins to improve, the HIV-infected patient can no longer be said to be suffering from an HIV infection or disease, already declining in strength.

This thin-section transmission electron
micrograph depicted the ultrastructural
details of two “human immunodeficiency
virus” (HIV) virus particles, or virions.

It sounds to me like HIV is basically cured.

It wasn’t too long ago that HIV meant your end.

I clearly remember watching the documentaries on TV when I was still a kid and HIV was still a hot topic.

I’ve seen the people who had HIV talk in front of the camera. They looked enormously time-ravaged. Some of them were just 1 tan-shade away from that of a corpse.

It’s kind of strange to have seen HIV rise and fall within my own lifetime.

Once a death sentence. Now a manageable ailment.

We are now clearly seeing the very beginnings of the biotechnology revolution that will leave a big footprint on the next decade.

Cancer will be going the same way.

Future generations will never have to deal with this shit.

Only we, who are adults A.D. 2007, will remember the havoc that these diseases once wreaked upon our frail bodies…

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  1. Shanness

    Doesn’t sound like news to me. I know a couple of people with HIV that have had it for 15 years, and have been on combination therapy for that long. I wouldn’t have known they had HIV unless they told me. Still, the daily drug regime is pretty nasty!!

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