Stem Cells Used to Fix Breast Defects

Stem Cells Used to Fix Breast Defects

For the first time, doctors have used stem cells from liposuctioned fat to fix breast defects in women who have had cancerous lumps removed.

The approach is still experimental, but holds promise for millions of women left with cratered areas and breasts that look very different from each other after cancer surgery. It also might be a way to augment healthy breasts without using artificial implants.

So far, it has only been tested on about two dozen women in a study in Japan. But doctors in the United States say it has great potential.

“This is a pretty exciting topic right now in plastic surgery,” said Dr. Karol Gutowski of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “There are people all over the country working on this.”

3 thoughts on “Stem Cells Used to Fix Breast Defects

  1. Jon

    I think you have a detail wrong, saying the stem cells are FROM the fat. The stem cells are from something else, but when put next to fat cells they turn into fat so it’s a larger fat cell. Not stem cells from fat :p.
    Pretty good for the guys though! Hehe.

  2. Al Fin

    Stem cells are useful for regenerative medicine. The largest part of breast regeneration would involve rejuvenating older, more involuted breasts.

    Plastic surgery for aging women is a huge industry in offshore clinics in Thailand, India, China, etc. Regenerative stem cell rejuvenation will be even bigger. Not in a matter of decades, but within mere years.

  3. John

    Jon, the reporter is correct, the stem cells do indeed come from fat removed from the patient. The stem cells are separated out of the removed fat and placed back into the breast. It is claimed by the Japanese doctors that it is a much more permanent solution than any other approach to breast repair/augmentation.

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