Intel Produces 80 Core Chips

We’ve seen dual core chips and quad core chips.

You’d think 8-core chips would be next, right?

Think again. The title of this post does not contain a typo. 😉

CPU’s with 80 cores are coming.

Intel predicts these 80-core chips to be commercially available within 5 years.

This degree of computing performance is now only available to scientists that have access to supercomputers.

These 80-cores open the door to photorealistic gaming and deeper artificial intelligence.

4 thoughts on “Intel Produces 80 Core Chips

  1. Matt Duing

    I think these chips are scheduled for 3 years from the present, not 5 (this prototype was demonstrated in 2006). Great blog, Jan. I’ve been reading since you started it though this is the first time I’ve commented.

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