Cheap Pill Lets You Eat Burgers Without Getting Fat

The cheap pill that lets you eat burgers and chips without getting fat

A pill is being created to let hamburger-and-chips lovers eat their favourite fatty foods without putting on too much weight.

It could reduce the need to eat large amounts of vegetables with a meal, would be cheap to buy and could be on sale in Britain within a year.

Its creator Dr Joseph Kanner said: “A lentil burger doesn’t always have the same appeal as a beefburger – this pill will allow you to eat more of your favourite foods without becoming as fat as you would without it.

“Ideally, we should eat fruit and vegetables all the time – but it is a shame not to indulge in our favourite foods when we want to.”

As a side-effect, the pill will cut the risk of developing cancer by mopping up free radicals, the substances that damage body cells.

The pill contains polyphenol chemicals, which Dr Kanner has shown reduce the amount of fat absorbed into the blood.

“It is feasible to get such a pill into the shops within a year if it is marketed as a supplement – like a vitamin C tablet – rather than as medication, which would require lots of stringent testing.”

Dr Kanner admitted his pill would not reduce all fats but would limit oxidised fats being absorbed.

“This study suggests that the time will come soon where people can eat their French fries without plugging their arteries full of fat.”


I can has cheezburger??

(*sigh*… yes, you can has cheezburger…)

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