Hatemail – The First One After Three Years

Pretty amusing. Especially considering the fact I mostly quote and hardly write anything on here myself.

from: David Appell
date: Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 3:40 AM
subject: technutnews.com

I have been reading your blog for about three months, but… I am going
to stop and have taken you out of my RSS feed.

Your optimism is without limits. You think every little scientific
advance is a great thing, without analysis of the downsides or even
whether the development will pan out. You throw all kinds of numbers
around with no context whatsoever. You think *everything* will pan out.
That’s a joke. Almost everything peters out and amounts to nothing.
You’re exactly what’s wrong with so much of futurism.

You don’t seem to understand this.

Your blind cheerleading is useless. It’s certainly not informative. It’s
a waste of time.

David Appell, freelance science journalist

4 thoughts on “Hatemail – The First One After Three Years

  1. James S

    Don’t let these people get to you, they achieve hardly anything of significance in life because they have let their ability to dream wither away to nothing.

    Dreamless, the only way for them to achieve a modicum of self-esteem to shoot down others who still dream of a better future than today. Don’t let this happen.

    Thanks for being a positive voice in a sea of negativity (esp with regards to the PO crowd [shudder!] )


  2. g-man

    No worries … personally, I enjoy the compilation of news items, but then again, I’m an optimist myself (along with Ray Kurzweil, David Brin, Marshall Brain, Kevin Kelly, Craig Ventner, Hans Rosling, Steven Pinker, etc, etc, etc)!

    You see, what alternative do we have? For the past 250 years, brave thinkers and ordinary people have been pursuing an alternative vision of the future, a vision based on peace, communication, and understanding, as opposed to the view of the ruling class and reactionaries, which is based on fostering conflict and division between people.

    And yes, our world is speeding up, so we see this contrast becoming ever more stark, to the point where one nation can be waging a war across the globe, while others are working to bring peace and harmony to the world in a future of abundance for all …

    I know where I want to be!

  3. Rob W.

    I totally disagree with the above poster…please DON’T stop. This world needs some optomistic news now and again. Please keep posting!

    I read this blog a couple times a week just to catch up on tech stuff that I might have missed. I find it quite informative and upbeat.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Jay

    Hey thanks guys, I feel much better now. 😛

    I got posts coming up that make me realize that I’m not being nearly optimistic enough.

    The advances in AI and brain simulation are mind-boggling.

    For a long time, I’ve held the idea we’d have a Singularity sometime around 2030.

    These days I’m wondering… might it happen much earlier? 2020? 2015?

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