Biotech Breakthroughs: 15 Developments That Will Eventually Affect YOUR Life

1. Self-assembling Nanofibers Heal Spinal Cord – No more quadriplegics in the future.

2. Gene Sequencing for the Masses – A personal genome scan for everybody. This will make you aware of what’s going on in your body. It will probably motivate people to live healthier lives.

3. Scientists discover “master gene” for blood vessel growth in tumors – Another great step towards a cure for cancer.

4. Genetic Future: The human genome is old news. Next stop: the human proteome – After mapping our genome, we’d also like to map the proteome. This will tell us everything about all the proteines we have in our bodies.

5. Human Protein May Offer Novel Target For Blocking HIV Infection: Successful In Lab – A step towards curing HIV and Aids.

6. Human trials to begin on ‘diabetes cure’ after terminally ill mice are returned to health – Progress towards the noble goal of curing diabetes.

7. Mad Science: Rejuvenate Your Brain with Umbilical Cord Blood – Rejuvenation. Need I say more? Death to aging!

8. Whole genome sequencing costs continue to fall: $300 million in 2003, $1 million 2007, $60,000 now, $5000 by year end – Personal genomes are about to get cheap! It’s close… just like solar power, now that I think of it.

9. Regeneration Initiative enables nerve cells on a computer chip to heal and regrow damaged nerves – Nerve regeneration. Useful if you want to cure paralysis.

10. Researchers create heart and blood cells from reprogrammed skin cells – New cells? Sign me up, buddy! When my body starts wearing out, I want new cells so I can live on for decades longer!

11. Science 2.0 — Is Open Access Science the Future? – Will science go open source? Why not… some software is open source, and look at what it has produced: Linux, one of the most stable OS’es ever to grace the planet. Imagine the results that a worldwide science project could possibly yield.

12. Scientists successfully awaken sleeping stem cells – Good, more regeneration for me!

13. Mini Stem-Cell Labs – More stem cells… (I never get enough of’em!)

14. Gene therapy experiments improve vision in nearly blind – Curing blindness with gene therapy. And keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Don’t believe me? Check back here in 10 years to see if I was right.

15. Troops’ body parts may be regrown – Great, now I won’t have to fear losing a precious, currently irreplaceable body part anymore. I’ll sleep better knowing that my arms and legs are no longer scarce commodities.

8 thoughts on “Biotech Breakthroughs: 15 Developments That Will Eventually Affect YOUR Life

  1. Peter

    I seek MS Stem Cell Trails in the USA.

    I was Diagnosed Degenerative MS Oct. 2003.
    Weak walking; balance. Need cane; wheel chair.

    Eyes, heart, etc. good

    52 yrs. old.

    Greater Detroit, USA

    Thank you.


  2. Iago

    Absolutely! I want those stem cells that turn into new molars, being as how I just didn’t listen to my mommie’s advise about doing what the dentist tells you. And those ole stem cells are good for everybody else as well, and that’s cool with me.

  3. BD

    Regrowing lung tissue is also a must. My spouse has a genetic condition causing early onset emphysema. Gene therapy is great but have to grow new lung tissue to repair the damage that has already been done. Let’s hear it for our scientific community!!! Stem cell research has to continue.

  4. ooopinionsss

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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