Solar Ramping Up Quickly, But Has Opponents

Solar is doing incredibly well. Humanity can wean itself off oil in no time if it so desires.

Just have a look at these articles that have recently appeared:

  1. Cheaper Solar Power
  2. Another Silicon Valley?
  3. Cost Of Solar Panels Expected To Plummet
  4. IBM Research Reveals Breakthrough In Solar Farm Technology
  5. Solar Power Goes To Extremes For 5Cents Per Kwh
  6. Solar Power Just About Ready For Prime Time
  7. It’s Solar Power’s Time To Shine

We may or may not be running out of oil, but it would still be better for the environment if our energy was clean.

Then, ofcourse, there’s always people who want to stop solar in its tracks because of environmental concerns.

Say wha?

Yes, you read it right. Worried about the environmental impact of solar…


The moratorium has been lifted.

This shows more common sense than I had anticipated.

The Bureau of Land Management has buckled under the heavy pressure from the public.

If only things would go the same way for stem cells… but that’s probably too much to ask.

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