Anti Aging Enzymes In Your Drinking Water

Within about 10 years, you might be drinking anti-aging enzymes with your bottled water. California biochemists have a plan to keep the world younger and healthier by using nanotech to deliver an enzyme called CoQ10 to our drinking water. This coenzyme is naturally produced by the body, but in smaller and smaller amounts as we age. And yet it’s vital for the body’s basic functioning, as it helps our cells convert sugars to energy. Perhaps if we boost its presence in our bodies as we age, our organs will remain productive and healthy for much longer.


Making people healthier and younger, without them knowing about it.

How clever. 😉

We can only hope that bionanotech will eventually also increase the nutritional value of our daily foods.

I eagerly await the day where cheap meat, mass-cloned from vat, contains nothing but healthy fats, carbs and proteins.

3 thoughts on “Anti Aging Enzymes In Your Drinking Water

  1. Saul Wall

    Unfortunately, enzymes and other proteins can only be absorbed after being broken down into amino acids by the stomach and small intestines. It is generally a good thing since it keeps creepy, unwanted enzymes in our food from getting into our blood and messing with our biochemistry.

    Maybe future bottled water will come in a big hypodermic needle.

  2. Saul Wall

    Of course, they would have to stop calling it “bottled” water. “Sterile-sealed vial water” might be a bit more challenging to market. You would want to make sure you picked the right spelling of “vial”.

  3. Saul Wall

    I just looked at the source’s source and it seems they want to use some kind of delivery system. I can understand how it would protect the enzyme but I couldn’t tell how they plan ti breach the gut mucosa. At any rate, they have given it more thought than I had given them credit for so I apologize to the God of Internet karma.

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