Rescue Dragon Robot Lifts Cars From Snow

This is the giant rescue robot called T-52 Enryu (”Rescue Dragon”). It has a bulldozer-like base and a 5-meter long arms that can lift cars stuck in the snow. In the tests T-52 Enryu showed off its avalanche prevention skills by removing accumulated snow from the edge of a cliff. The robot also demonstrated its ability to extract a car buried under a bank of snow.”

T-52 Enryu stands 3.45 meters tall and weighs 5 tons.


One thought on “Rescue Dragon Robot Lifts Cars From Snow

  1. Gallileomurphy

    They have a multi use vehicle called a Bobcat on construction site here in the States. I would love to see the Rescue Robot people get together with tthe Bobcat folks and see what they could create. The ultimate would be an RC type application of this technology.

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