How Would You Like To Live Forever?

If you think it’s important to cure aging, now would be your chance to act.

A few minutes of your time is all it takes to become a small part of a big solution.

Undergrads Fighting Age Related Disease

From the webpage:

The Methuselah Foundation needs your help. We are supporting a project named “Undergrads Fighting Age Related Disease” (, which has been submitted as part of the Amex Members Project initiative. The Methuselah Foundation has been nominated to complete this initiative and, if enough votes are obtained, could receive a grant of up to $1.5M from American Express towards the project’s completion.

It is free to vote and should only take you a few minutes. We need to get more than 2000 votes in the next 2 weeks (by Sept 1, 2008), so please support our cause and vote now.

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to this website:

2. Log in either as an Amex Card Member or as a Guest Member on the top right side (any US resident can vote)

3. Complete the Registration Form, which will give you your login ID

4. Click the Nominate button at: and post a supportive comment

Your action or inaction can make the 1.5 million dollar difference here.

If you love your life and want to hold on to it perpetually… vote!

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