The End Of 2008 Is Near – Here’s My Take On The Year

I’ve been running this website since July 2005 now. Ofcourse, back in those days I was still doing it on my old Blogger domain.

I set up my technology website all those years ago because I was under the impression that technology was indeed accelerating exponentially and I felt I was one of few who seemed to understand that.

I started writing posts on the best technology breakthroughs I could find. Especially in the beginning, I would often comment on them to point out where I thought things were headed.

Nowadays, I don’t comment on breakthroughs anymore. I feel I’ve already said everything I wanted to say. So if you’re a relative new fan of this blog and you’d like to see my personal writings, feel free to browse through the older archives in the side column of this website.

When it comes to technological breakthroughs, 2008 has been a good year. I’m not even going to make an effort in summing them up. Someone else has already made a compilation of the top technology breakthroughs for 2008.

But what I will say is this…

This website is being fed with technology articles manually by yours truly. This requires me to constantly and tirelessly scavenge the web for the very best technology breakthroughs so that I can post them here for the Technut fans to read.

And let me tell you… I find more and more breakthroughs every single year. And the breakthroughs individually are starting to become more impressive.

Our technological progress is accelerating exponentially and I can see it clearly with my very own eyes.

I am drowning in links to fantastic techno breakthroughs and I’m posting them all. Rarely was there a day in 2008 where I did not post a new article on Technut News. At this time, I already have one and a half months worth of content to post. So look out for a good start of 2009!

Once again, we are talking about nothing less but the very best, nay, dare I say… most gruesomely awesomest technological breakthroughs that were made only recently.

So I’m hoping that all of you Technut fans out there will stick with me in 2009 and the many years after. This website is only going to get groovier with every passing year.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that you will have a fantastic New Year!

(Oh and eh… if you’d ever like to leave me a comment saying how great or sucky this site is or whatever… now would be the time!)


See ya next year!

6 thoughts on “The End Of 2008 Is Near – Here’s My Take On The Year

  1. darklight

    Yes indeed, this is a very exciting place to be on the web…I look forward to reading the posts every day!



  2. Scott

    Thanks to you for all your work. I’ve been following your blog, and now your website for almost 2 years. I check it almost every day and always appreciate the information you’re posting. Your website gives everyone hope for an amazing future. Please keep it up.

  3. Jeff

    I love your website. I check it every day. Could you tell me what sources you use to find these awsome breakthroughs? Thank You, again.


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