New Technology May Heal Bones in Minutes


The worst part of breaking a bone (besides the pain) is the healing process. Wearing an uncomfortable cast can be irritating and aggravating, making it harder to move around for months at a time. Well, that process may soon change. A company has developed a product called “Injectable Bone” that may repair the broken bone in minutes.

The U.K. company, called RegenTec, has created a white powder that is designed to be injected into a person in order to speed up the healing process of broken bones.

“You won’t be able to just walk out of a hospital with a broken leg,” said Robin Quirk, a professor at the University of Nottingham and co-developer of the technology. “What we are trying to do in the short term is have something that fills the void left by a break that acts like normal spongy bone and encourages natural regeneration.”

Injectable Bone is a mix of ceramic and polylactic acid. On the outside, it looks like white powder. When injected into the body with a needle, the higher temperature inside causes the two components to mix together to form a hard, spongy mass similar to bones in the body.

While there are already other products similar to Injectable Bone, those products experience some problems in that they harden into a solid mass or raise body temperature enough to damage other tissue in the immediate area.


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