Two year old girl can see for the first time following stem cell treatment

Two-year-old British girl Dakota Clarke can see for the first time after undergoing pioneering stem cell treatment in China.

Dakota, who was born blind, is the first British patient to undergo the new type of therapy.

The £30,000 treatment, which involves stems cells taken from an umbilical cord being fed into her forehead, has allowed her to see people, objects, colours and lights around her.

Dakota suffers from Septo-Optic Dysplasia, which means the optic nerve does not develop properly, and has responded quicker than expected to the treatment. Her parents, Wilma, 28, and dad Darren, 34, are hoping she will continue to improve and have a life time of sight.

Speaking from the Qingdao People’s Hospital in southern China, Mrs Clarke, from Newtownabbey. near Belfast, said: “We didn’t know if the treatment would work, and people kept telling us it was too experimental, but we had to do this.

“It’s been worth every single penny to see the changes in her.”

Mr Clarke added: “It’s nothing short of a miracle for us. She can see the world for the first time.


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  1. R. McDonald


  2. Tom

    R. McDonald, you are either an excellent troll or a horrible person. They’re not even using embryonic stem cells, and they’re curing blindness. Why aren’t you considering this a miracle instead of “the devils [sic] work”?

  3. Jay

    I completely understand.

    Religion stands at the sidelines using ineffective prayer, while science comes up with real solutions to real problems.

    It must be very frustrating.

  4. Barq

    I, for the life of me, can not understand why God and Science can not coexist. If there is a god he/she/it made the universe in logical fashion to follow scientific laws. If there is no god the universe evolved it a logical fashion. Why must I chose between the two? Is the world so black and white that I not allowed to support stem cell research and not abortion?

  5. Ekaterina

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    You’re seriously biting a troll named R. McDonald?

    The internet is full of idiots.

  7. Truth

    Yes. Ronald McDonald is joking. He is a clown. It is obvious that even right wing jokers can agree that this is a great thing. Now the def can hear and the blind can see. Paralyzed will be a temporary problem. And we can cure everything. People will live until 200 years old.
    And yea. REally, human beings were only meant to live to 40 or 50. But with modern science and nano-robots, we’ll be living up to 200 years old soon. Then they can take your brain out of your withering body, and hook that joint up to stem-cell producing robotic bodies. And you can link up to the mind-interner (future) and you will live forever. Your mind will never die, and you will forever contribute your ongoing knowledge for thousands of years. WORD!!!

  8. jonny biggun

    I was blind and now I can see thanks to cloning the eyeballs of the unborn foetus of my uncle’s pet sheep… Shame the unborn baby lamb had to be born blind to save my sight!

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