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SOPA: The US Government Is Trying To Kill The Internet As You Know It

Do you enjoy using the Internet on a daily basis to do whatever the hell you want to do?

Then you better act now, because your precious Internet is under attack!

US Congress is trying to shove through a bill called SOPA, aka the Stop Online Piracy Act.

SOPA is a draconian bill that will give Hollywood way too much power over the Internet. You could go to jail for posting a YouTube video of yourself singing along to a copyrighted song.

Congress is rushing the bill and an important vote on it will be held this Wednesday, December 21st.

Thankfully, the Internet learns quickly and progress against SOPA is being made.

Do you want to contribute to saving the Internet from pure evil acts such as SOPA and Protect IP?

Don’t know where to start?

Please read Google’s Matt Cutts’ blog post about SOPA, where he gives you a couple of suggestions to help out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.