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Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #11

The breakthroughs just keep on coming and I just keep on piling’em up!

I started this blog halfway through 2005 and back then, techno news wasn’t coming in as quickly as it is now.

The exponential acceleration in scientific breakthroughs is obvious to me.

By reading this blog, it will become obvious to you as well.


Scientists to attempt sending a signal into the past (yeah I know… it sounds whacked, but it’s for real)

First there was RoboDoc, now there is RoboNurse

Neural extension cord developed for brain implants

Battery breakthrough

Putting the brakes on light speed

Bionic cat eyes may help humans

Nano-wheels seen rolling at last

Microbot to swim through arteries and digestive system

Can ageing be stopped?

Japanese scientists cage light

Bacteria turn toxins into plastic

Wind power growing rapidly in US

About the latest cancer cure

White House steps up push for ethanol

Hacking the human lifespan

Military builds robotic insects

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #10

Where can you read about next generation videogames, nanotechnology, stem cell research, cancer breakthroughs and mysterious physics-coolness all at once?

Well, only at Our Technological Future ofcourse!

I have here no less than twenty tech-links for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Tests show ‘artificial sun’ is reliable

Edge Annual 2007 Optimism Questions – Marvin Minsky on Immortality

Next generation Ghostbusters videogame footage – looks very real

Cheap, safe drug kills almost all cancers

Soundtrack of Spore (upcoming videogame) to be generated in real time

Next generation videogames coming in 2007

Physicists closing in on mysterious missing particle

Cancer deaths drop for second year

Research removes major obstacle from mass production of tiny chips

Mach C? Scientists observe sound travelling faster than light

Intel builds 80-core chip

Intel shows 45-nm processors

Virtual reality spreading in business world

Folic acid sets back brain aging effects by 5 years

Scientist finds MRSA cure

Quantum computer demo dates announced

The rise of stem cell research – Did George Bush inadvertently jumpstart a stem cell revolution?

Desk of the future will power electronic devices

Entire image compressed to a single photon

Scientists find potential off-switch for HIV

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #9

Top 10 Robots You Can Buy

Research Continues For Deep Space Travel Propulsion

The Hydrogen Gold Rush Is On

The World’s First Bionic Woman

Hundreds Will Test New Lung Cancer Vaccine

The World’s First Hydrogen Race Coming In 2009

New Alzheimer Gene Identified

Robot House Builder Threatens Construction Worker Jobs

Anti Cancer Chicken Eggs Produced

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #8

Another collection of technolinks…

Home Robots Grow in Popularity

Scots Inventor Cracks Centuries Old Puzzle (energy)

Top 5 Robots of 2006

Super Soldiers: Tomorrow’s ‘Army of One’ Technology

Scientists Discover Gene Therapy for Depression

Cancer Killing Invention Also Harvests Stem Cells

PCs Get Set to Scream in 2007

Gates Says Day of the Home-help Robot is Near

Stem Cells Regenerate Teeth in Pigs

GM’s New Plug-in Hybrid

Genetically Modified Spud Healthier

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #7

Many people don’t keep a lasting impression of individual articles reporting on technological breakthroughs.

That’s why I collect a bunch and post them altogether. There’s 36 of ’em!

Dear reader, have a look at your technological future!

300GB Holographic CD’s will be available this week

In the beginning: scientists get ready to hunt for God particle

A Quantum (Computer) Step: Study Shows It’s Feasible to Read Data Stored as Nuclear ‘Spins’

Stem Cell Experiment Yields Heart Valves

Kurzweil: Computers Will Enable People To Live Forever

Thinking Machines

Robot with ‘human soul’ explores remotely

Bionic foot for hit and run victim

Cornell robot is “conscious,” adapts to injury

Teeth: a future renewable natural resource?

Ray Kurzweil: Computers Will Extend Human Lifespan

AI Seduces Stanford Students

Life at 140? Longer life spans up for debate

SKorean robot will walk the walk as well as talk the talk

Cosmic Duo Spins Matter From Light

Stem cell cure hope for back pain

Genetically engineered blood protein can be used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen

Scientists harness mysteries of the brain

Stem Cells Are Where It’s At

The future of discs: 10TB CDs

Distance no worries for spooky particles

Computers that digest the news to change trading

Forget HDTV, the future is 3DTV

GM Plug-in Hybrid to Deliver 70MPG

All but Ageless, Turtles Face Their Biggest Threat: Humans (This is not directly a tech-link, but it does discuss a turtle-species that does not age. It is an example of the fact that immortality is completely natural. This is relevant to life-extension and thus relevant to this blog.)

As population ages, opportunities are born

Self-assembling Nano-ice Discovered — Structure Resembles DNA

Is thorium the answer to our energy crisis?

Kevin Warwick: The ITWales Interview

10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2007

Toronto scientists cure disease in mice

New Hope for Stem-Cell Therapy

Triple-blinded Study of StemEnhance

Welcome to the world of nano foods

More Doctoral Research Funded by the Methuselah Foundation

Hitachi Brain Interface Allows Users to Control Model Trains

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #6

Another great collection of recent breakthroughs in technology.

Enjoying all this? Tell your friends!!

Cell transplants ‘restore sight’

A Quantum Leap in Data Encryption

Cheap, Superefficient Solar

Supercomputing’s Next Revolution

IBM accelerates push into 3D virtual worlds

Samsung creates machine-gunning robot, doesn’t play MP3s

Pre-DOCSIS 3.0 rollout in South Korea hits 100Mbps

Digital newspapers by 2008

Stem cells fend off lung cancer

Progress recorded in HIV vaccine development

10 Emerging Technologies (hot!!!)

Dark Matter Made Visible

Scientists create artificial gut

Robot to Look After Elderly

Robot cars rev up for the city

Watching the Insides of a Cell

Going for a blast into the real past

Robot Discovers Itself, Adapts to Injury

Drug Doubles Endurance, Study Says

Polio “could be eradicated” by end of decade

Wind Powered Robot

Here comes the fastest storage in the world

Legendary Swords’ Sharpness, Strength From Nanotubes, Study Says

Japanese boffins show off 512-core chip

Robot learns to grasp everyday chores

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #5

Where can you get 27 of the coolest technology links, all collected in one blogpost?

That’s right. Only here, on Our Technological Future.

Very realistic and lifelike water simulation

Self-assembling gel stops bleeding in seconds

SuperBus Answers to Your Texts

ZPrinter 310 Plus

Physicians Stop Liver Cancer with Millions of Glass Beads

Antimatter and matter combine in chemical reaction

Physicists make atomic clock breakthrough

Symbian forecasts the death of the PC

Study: Stem Cells Could Treat ALS

MIT technique reveals inner lives of red blood cells

Digital age may bring total recall in future

Portable ‘lab on a chip’ could speed blood tests

A giant hop for robot-kind

Scientists say cancer-killing virus developed

St Mary’s pilots ground-breaking tumour treatment

100 MPG Available Now!

Electronic chip, interacting with the brain, modifies pathways for controlling movement

Software generates video news bulletins

Team develops DNA switch to interface living organisms with computers

Pentagon’s exoskeleton

Flexible electronic paper

One for the Ages: A Prescription That May Extend Life

Computing, 2016: What Won’t Be Possible?

The quantum world is about to get bigger

Rerouting Brain Circuits with Implanted Chips

Researchers teach computers how to name images by ‘thinking’

Brain in a Dish

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #4

Fantastic animation of the insides of a cell. This is just an animation. But there is no reason it could not be a simulation in the future. And sophisticated simulations of cells are powerful tools that will speed up medical research by orders of magnitudes. This will have a great impact on public health. We will live longer and more healthy because of it.

Robot cars will race in real traffic

The first 11 teams for a race in which robot cars will jostle with real ones along mocked-up city streets have been announced. The teams must construct autonomous vehicles to navigate an unfamiliar urban environment in the shortest time possible.

$10 million to speed up the personal genome

The X Prize Foundation, sponsor of a widely noted 2004 award for developing a reusable rocket suitable for private space travel, says it is now teaming with a wealthy Canadian geologist to offer $10 million to any team that can completely decode the genes of 100 people in 10 days.

Truth predictor for politicians

He forecast that, within five years, “truth predictor” software would “hold politicians to account”. Voters would be able to check the probability that apparently factual statements by politicians were actually correct, using programmes that automatically compared claims with historic data, he said.

Scientists teleport two different objects

Beaming people in “Star Trek” fashion is still in the realms of science fiction, but physicists in Denmark have teleported information from light to matter bringing quantum communication and computing closer to reality.

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #3

Twenty of the coolest recent technological developments, listed here at Our Technological Future for your leisure.

The first link (Intel Quad Core Demo) is a must-see.

Seriously. You will never forgive yourself if you don’t click it.


Intel Quad Core Demo (never before seen graphics and physics)

Technological nirvana

PayPal Founder pledges $3.5 Million to antiaging research

Antisocial robots go to finishing school

The bootless PC and terabytes on a dime

Call centers might be able to teach “chat bots” a thing or two about passing the Turing Test

A Question of Mind Over Matter

Take an Interactive Bionics Tour

An Artificial Heart That Doesn’t Beat

Quantum Leap In Protein Folding Calculations

Intercytex pushes ahead with trials for wrinkles, baldness treatments

Stem cells help rats retain their vision

Relativity drive: The end of wings and wheels?

Internet’s future in 2020 debated

Honda unveils diesel system to rival gasoline cars

What if Bionics Were Better?

Grow Your Own Limbs

Man Builds 105 MPG Car

New Power Suit Amplifies Human Strength

Roll-up screens ‘moving closer’

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #2

Scientists Eye Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy for 2012.

CHEJU _ Cheju National University plans to set up a large biology research center with the aim of starting to use human embryonic stem cells in actual therapy around 2012.Koh Choong-suk, president of the scenic Cheju Island-based university, yesterday unveiled the project that will be spearheaded by illustrious embryologist Park Se-pill.

“We recruited Park as the head of the stem cell center to be established at our university, and seek to hire about 20 more researchers and experts,” Koh told a press meeting at the university.

“Under the stewardship of Park, we believe the lab will be able to use embryonic stem cells in therapy by 2012,” Koh added.

Gene-therapy results touted in 2 advanced-cancer cases.

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute on Thursday reported they have successfully treated two patients with advanced cancer using gene therapy.Two men, both with the rapidly growing skin cancer melanoma, were given immune-system cells taken from their own blood and engineered to attack their tumors. They are alive, with no evidence of cancer, 18 months later. Fifteen other patients who got the same treatment died.

The senior author of the study and others cautioned it would take several years to translate the treatment into a practical therapy.

The report, published online by the journal Science, is the latest result of a 30-year effort by Dr. Steven Rosenberg to find ways to manipulate the human immune system to fight cancer.

‘Augmented reality’ glasses tackle tunnel vision.

Superimposing computer-generated images over real scenes can dramatically improve the way people with visual impairment use their sight, say US researchers.That conclusion is the result of tests of a so-called augmented-reality system on patients with tunnel vision, a condition which narrows a person’s field of view.

Physicists invent ‘QuIET’ – single molecule transistors.

University of Arizona physicists have discovered how to turn single molecules into working transistors. It’s a breakthrough needed to make the next-generation of remarkably tiny, powerful computers that nanotechnologists dream of.

Re-inventing nature for cheaper solar power.

A research team in Sydney has created molecules that mimic those in plants which harvest light and power life on Earth.“A leaf is an amazingly cheap and efficient solar cell,” says Dr Deanna D’Alessandro, a postdoctoral researcher in the Molecular Electronics Group at the University of Sydney. “The best leaves can harvest 30 to 40 percent of the light falling on them. The best solar cells we can build are between 15 and 20 percent efficient, and expensive to make.”

Are genomic technologies the answer to world hunger?.

Genomic technologies may have the potential to alleviate food insecurity and food shortages around the world. Researchers believe that biotechnology has the potential to improve the nutritional content of food crops and, crucially, resistance to insects and disease. This could lead to improved yields of food crops for both human and animal consumption. Researchers are also working on ‘molecular farming’ – production of pharmaceutical products in plants, with the potential to revolutionise vaccination procedures.