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Synthetic Black Hole Event Horizon Created in UK Laboratory

Synthetic Black Hole Event Horizon Created in UK Laboratory

Researchers at St. Andrews University, Scotland, claim to have found a way to simulate an event horizon of a black hole – not through a new cosmic observation technique, and not by a high powered supercomputer… but in the laboratory. Using lasers, a length of optical fiber and depending on some bizarre quantum mechanics, a “singularity” may be created to alter a laser’s wavelength, synthesizing the effects of an event horizon. If this experiment can produce an event horizon, the theoretical phenomenon of Hawking Radiation may be tested, perhaps giving Stephen Hawking the best chance yet of winning the Nobel Prize.

So how do you create a black hole? In the cosmos, black holes are created by the collapse of massive stars. The mass of the star collapses down to a single point (after running out of fuel and undergoing a supernova) due to the massive gravitational forces acting on the body. Should the star exceed a certain mass “limit” (i.e. the Chandrasekhar limit – a maximum at which the mass of a star cannot support its structure against gravity), it will collapse into a discrete point (a singularity). Space-time will be so warped that all local energy (matter and radiation) will fall into the singularity. The distance from the singularity at which even light cannot escape the gravitational pull is known as the event horizon. High energy particle collisions by cosmic rays impacting the upper atmosphere might produce micro-black holes (MBHs). The Large Hadron Collider (at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland) may also be capable of producing collisions energetic enough to create MBHs. Interestingly, if the LHC can produce MBHs, Stephen Hawking’s theory of “Hawking Radiation” may be proven should the MBHs created evaporate almost instantly.

Hawking predicts that black holes emit radiation. This theory is paradoxical, as no radiation can escape the event horizon of a black hole. However, Hawking theorizes that due to a quirk in quantum dynamics, black holes can produce radiation.


Scientists succeed in storing quantum bit

Scientists succeed in storing quantum bit

A team of scientists from the University of Heidelberg (Germany), the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) and the University of Science and Technology of China for the first time has succeeded in buffering a quantum bit during its transmission. The achievement could be used for the construction of quantum repeaters and perhaps, eventually, to build a memory for a quantum computer.

The team succeeded in storing the quantum bit while performing an experimental transmittal of an unknown quantum state, a spokesperson of the group explained. Hitherto, it was not possible to store and read out a quantum state.

During the experiment, the scientists transferred the state of a photon to what they called an atomic quantum store. In this atomic ensemble, the state was stored for 8 microseconds before it was read out again and transferred to a photon.

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #21

Luddites across the globe… eat your heart out!

(And yes, I deliberately put all the cool stuff on top to piss off luddites.)

Be sure to watch this ‘ere video. It’ll blow your socks off.

Especially if your a Trekkie. Then you simply cannot afford to not watch it.

Microsofts Multi Touch Surface

DARPA’s Better Bionic Arm: Our Most Limb-Like Prosthetic

Bear robot rescues wounded troops

Move to create less clumsy robots

Drivers Unwanted: MIT ‘Robocar’ takes a spin

Japanse man gives robot a woman’s touch

First 100% Solar Powered Community In California Opens

Genome of DNA Pioneer Is Deciphered

Dutch try to grow enviro-friendly meat in lab

Single spinning nuclei in diamond offers stable quantum computing building block

Human Stem Cell Treatment Restores Motor Function in Paralyzed Rats

Japanese Researchers Develop Creepiest Robot Ever

Scientists Move Closer to Turning Skin Cells Into Tissues

New drug helps lose weight without going hungry

Serious diseases genes revealed

Large study links genes to 7 serious diseases

Autism symptoms reversed in lab

Scientists Use Embryonic Stem Cells to Regenerate a Heart

Scientists Reverse Mental Retardation in Mice

Gene therapy awakens the brain despite blindness from birth

Maryland Professor Creates Desktop Supercomputer

Monitoring the Brain in 3-D

Brain Boosters

First artificial life ‘within months’

Potential cure for HIV discovered

Designer Enzyme Cuts HIV Out of Infected Cells

Nanosoccer debuts at RoboCup 2007

Cloned Pigs Help Scientists Towards A Breakthrough In Alzheimer’s

Scientists find way to separate HIV virus from cells

Scientists find drug to banish bad memories

Parallel computing = 100 time faster than current PC

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #19

Have I got some groovy new techstuff for you!

First off, Microsofts new technology that represents the future of computing (and management of… things that need management).DARwIn will be America’s first humanoid RoboCup competitor

My Electric Car is Faster Than Your Ferrari

Video Demonstration of Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL)PAL-V (Flying car)

64MW Solar Installation About To Be Switched On!

Toshiba Matsushita Announces Development of Lightweight LED-Backlit LCD Panels

Rays light up life-like graphics

The Futurist: Hands-On With The Neatest New Nanotech

The Incredible Shrinking Engine

Hydrogen Storage: UNBF Researchers Achieve Technology Breakthrough

New Cell Type Identified in Cancer Development

Solar Plane to Fly Continuously Around Mars

Hair Cells Regeneration – Intercytex

Quantum mechanics may explain how humans smell

The Armed Robots Speak Hebrew

Solar Energy To Be Mainstream Power Source By 2025

Nano Projector

Artificial lymph node transplanted into mice

Catalyst could help turn CO2 into fuel

Teenager achieves nuclear fusion at home

Man Lives Pollution-Free in First Solar-Hydrogen House

Photons Trapped for Record Time

Powerful Little Light: LED With 1,000 Lumens

Molecular Switch Holds Key to Reserve Supply of Muscle Stem Cells

These Boots Were Made for 22 M.P.H.

UNC scientists discover cellular ‘SOS’ signal in response to UV skin damage

County to Vaporize Trash – Poof!

A Single-Photon Server with Just One Atom

‘Almost Human’ by Lee Gutkind (review of book about robot intelligence)

New Weight Loss Drug Acomplia On The Horizon

Is this the fabric of the universe?

Key to memory formation revealed

Scientists Make Ice Hotter Than Boiling Water

8 Signs Google is Planning to Build a National Wireless Network

New Biofuels Process Promises To Meet All U.S. Transportation Needs

Self-Propelled Diodes Could Traverse the Human Body

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #14

First off, a few links that talk about the latest demonstration of a quantum computer:

First “Commercial” Quantum Computer Solves Sudoku Puzzles

Prototype Commercial Quantum Computer Demo’ed

Start-up demos quantum computer

The Father of Quantum Computing

Next up, biotech, robots and cybernetics:

Human Stem Cell Transplants Repair Rat Spinal Cords

Robotic retina offers second chance for sight

Human-animal chimeras: from mythology to biotechnology

Human brain can make new cells: study

Growing a Brain in Switzerland

Pharm Animals Crank Out Drugs

Scientists expose HIV weak spot

Meet RoboNurse

Loans launch state’s stem cell ambitions

Millions to benefit as first bionic eye comes to market

Some other stuff that’s also cool:

Nanotech Battery Claims to Solve Electric Car Woes

‘Flying’ wind generators

Computer Model Mimicks How Brain Recognizes Street Scenes

Bright future for OLEDs, report predicts

Closeup of microscopic machinery

And last but not least:

Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality?

If you’re alive in 20 years, you may be able to live forever.

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #13

Cloning mice from stem cells?

Curing autism?

Building CPU’s with 80 cores?

Reading the mind?

Regenerating teeth?

Nothing seems out of reach for modern science these days.

Have a look for yourself…

Scientists Clone Mice From Hair Follicle Stem Cell

Biology Goes Open Source

Fermions Do Not Travel Together: Physicists Demonstrate Expected Effect Of Quantum Theory

Intel shows off 80-core processor

Revealing secret intentions in the brain

Reversal of Symptons in an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Reactor upgrades help researchers study nuclear fusion as energy source

Brain scan ‘can read your mind’

Computers mimicking the brain

A Spherical Solar Cell From Japan: The Sphelar

Scientists Develop ‘Natural’ Breast Implants

Kurzweil: Biotech Will Drive Software Security

Intel Prototype May Herald a New Age of Processing

Envisioning the Future (of personal healthcare)

Possibities for self regeneration of teeth

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #10

Where can you read about next generation videogames, nanotechnology, stem cell research, cancer breakthroughs and mysterious physics-coolness all at once?

Well, only at Our Technological Future ofcourse!

I have here no less than twenty tech-links for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Tests show ‘artificial sun’ is reliable

Edge Annual 2007 Optimism Questions – Marvin Minsky on Immortality

Next generation Ghostbusters videogame footage – looks very real

Cheap, safe drug kills almost all cancers

Soundtrack of Spore (upcoming videogame) to be generated in real time

Next generation videogames coming in 2007

Physicists closing in on mysterious missing particle

Cancer deaths drop for second year

Research removes major obstacle from mass production of tiny chips

Mach C? Scientists observe sound travelling faster than light

Intel builds 80-core chip

Intel shows 45-nm processors

Virtual reality spreading in business world

Folic acid sets back brain aging effects by 5 years

Scientist finds MRSA cure

Quantum computer demo dates announced

The rise of stem cell research – Did George Bush inadvertently jumpstart a stem cell revolution?

Desk of the future will power electronic devices

Entire image compressed to a single photon

Scientists find potential off-switch for HIV

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #7

Many people don’t keep a lasting impression of individual articles reporting on technological breakthroughs.

That’s why I collect a bunch and post them altogether. There’s 36 of ’em!

Dear reader, have a look at your technological future!

300GB Holographic CD’s will be available this week

In the beginning: scientists get ready to hunt for God particle

A Quantum (Computer) Step: Study Shows It’s Feasible to Read Data Stored as Nuclear ‘Spins’

Stem Cell Experiment Yields Heart Valves

Kurzweil: Computers Will Enable People To Live Forever

Thinking Machines

Robot with ‘human soul’ explores remotely

Bionic foot for hit and run victim

Cornell robot is “conscious,” adapts to injury

Teeth: a future renewable natural resource?

Ray Kurzweil: Computers Will Extend Human Lifespan

AI Seduces Stanford Students

Life at 140? Longer life spans up for debate

SKorean robot will walk the walk as well as talk the talk

Cosmic Duo Spins Matter From Light

Stem cell cure hope for back pain

Genetically engineered blood protein can be used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen

Scientists harness mysteries of the brain

Stem Cells Are Where It’s At

The future of discs: 10TB CDs

Distance no worries for spooky particles

Computers that digest the news to change trading

Forget HDTV, the future is 3DTV

GM Plug-in Hybrid to Deliver 70MPG

All but Ageless, Turtles Face Their Biggest Threat: Humans (This is not directly a tech-link, but it does discuss a turtle-species that does not age. It is an example of the fact that immortality is completely natural. This is relevant to life-extension and thus relevant to this blog.)

As population ages, opportunities are born

Self-assembling Nano-ice Discovered — Structure Resembles DNA

Is thorium the answer to our energy crisis?

Kevin Warwick: The ITWales Interview

10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2007

Toronto scientists cure disease in mice

New Hope for Stem-Cell Therapy

Triple-blinded Study of StemEnhance

Welcome to the world of nano foods

More Doctoral Research Funded by the Methuselah Foundation

Hitachi Brain Interface Allows Users to Control Model Trains

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #6

Another great collection of recent breakthroughs in technology.

Enjoying all this? Tell your friends!!

Cell transplants ‘restore sight’

A Quantum Leap in Data Encryption

Cheap, Superefficient Solar

Supercomputing’s Next Revolution

IBM accelerates push into 3D virtual worlds

Samsung creates machine-gunning robot, doesn’t play MP3s

Pre-DOCSIS 3.0 rollout in South Korea hits 100Mbps

Digital newspapers by 2008

Stem cells fend off lung cancer

Progress recorded in HIV vaccine development

10 Emerging Technologies (hot!!!)

Dark Matter Made Visible

Scientists create artificial gut

Robot to Look After Elderly

Robot cars rev up for the city

Watching the Insides of a Cell

Going for a blast into the real past

Robot Discovers Itself, Adapts to Injury

Drug Doubles Endurance, Study Says

Polio “could be eradicated” by end of decade

Wind Powered Robot

Here comes the fastest storage in the world

Legendary Swords’ Sharpness, Strength From Nanotubes, Study Says

Japanese boffins show off 512-core chip

Robot learns to grasp everyday chores

Our Technological Future – Mixed Bag #5

Where can you get 27 of the coolest technology links, all collected in one blogpost?

That’s right. Only here, on Our Technological Future.

Very realistic and lifelike water simulation

Self-assembling gel stops bleeding in seconds

SuperBus Answers to Your Texts

ZPrinter 310 Plus

Physicians Stop Liver Cancer with Millions of Glass Beads

Antimatter and matter combine in chemical reaction

Physicists make atomic clock breakthrough

Symbian forecasts the death of the PC

Study: Stem Cells Could Treat ALS

MIT technique reveals inner lives of red blood cells

Digital age may bring total recall in future

Portable ‘lab on a chip’ could speed blood tests

A giant hop for robot-kind

Scientists say cancer-killing virus developed

St Mary’s pilots ground-breaking tumour treatment

100 MPG Available Now!

Electronic chip, interacting with the brain, modifies pathways for controlling movement

Software generates video news bulletins

Team develops DNA switch to interface living organisms with computers

Pentagon’s exoskeleton

Flexible electronic paper

One for the Ages: A Prescription That May Extend Life

Computing, 2016: What Won’t Be Possible?

The quantum world is about to get bigger

Rerouting Brain Circuits with Implanted Chips

Researchers teach computers how to name images by ‘thinking’

Brain in a Dish